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Covert Wireless Channels
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As you ll learn in this chapter, Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 streamlines client management tasks by making it easy to connect computers to the network and manage them remotely from the server. Windows Small Business Server doesn t directly address keeping client machines up-to-date. See Security Basics in 6, Completing the To Do List and Other PostInstallation Tasks, for details about Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS), a free service that enables administrators to approve which Windows updates are applied to client computers. Microsoft recommends using Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, or Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional for all client computers on the network. (Member servers should use Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.) Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Microsoft Windows 98 computers function adequately on a Windows Small Business Server 2003 network, but some features aren t supported (such as automated software deployment and Microsoft Outlook 2003), and clients using these operating systems require extra management time and effort. Computers running Mac OS X or other operating systems usually can be made to work with Windows Small Business Server 2003 for basic tasks (as discussed later in this chapter), but have significant limitations and require more work on the part of the administrator. Therefore, this chapter focuses on clients running Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000 Professional but also includes discussions of other operating systems.
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Record the DNS and NetBIOS names of each computer. Record the type of each computer for example, desktop, laptop, or Record what operating system and service
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The autogenerated Doctrine models, after integration into the application
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The full testbench looks exactly the same as the stimulus only testbench for most of the file. The full testbench has a top-level entity with no ports, an architecture that instantiates the DUT, and a while loop that reads a vector file. The differences are in the while loop itself. The first part of the while loop is exactly the same. The process reads a time value and waits for that time value to occur. The full testbench is different in that, not only does the full testbench read the input values, but it also reads the output values and then performs a compare operation between the output values from the DUT versus the values read from the file. If a mismatch is found, an assertion message is generated to let the designer know that the output results did not match the known good results. The full testbench also reads from a vector file to get the stimulus for the design and the expected results. The vector file contains a time value, the input values, and the expected output values. Following is the full testbench vector file:
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components behave in a similar manner as they would if used from a UNIX-based computer. Also included is the Interix Software Development Kit (SDK), which supports over 1900 UNIX application programming interfaces (APIs).
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Enterprise Design 1
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Send attendees invitations at least two weeks prior to your presentation. For presentations that require more involvement, you may be enticed to send out comprehensive surveys for participants to complete or to ask them to complete some prepresentation work. My experience has been that most attendees do not want to do this, and if they do it at all, they complete these materials in the most cursory fashion. Be very sparing in what you ask for. Do
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Top-Level System Design
A portion of a physical disk that functions as though it were a physically separate disk. After you create a partition, you must format it and assign it a drive letter before you can store data on it. On basic disks, partitions are known as basic volumes, which include primary partitions and logical drives. On dynamic disks, partitions are known as dynamic volumes, which include simple, striped, spanned, mirrored, and RAID-5 volumes. See also basic disk; basic volume; dynamic volume; extended partition; primary partition; system partition. On a hard disk, the data structure that stores the offset (location) and size of each primary partition on the disk. On MBR disks, the partition table is located in the master boot record. On GPT disks, the partition table is located in the GUID partition entry array. See also globally unique identifier (GUID); GPT disk; master boot record (MBR); MBR disk; partition.
This chapter covers everything you need to know about printer sharing, one of the most important functions of a network. The chapter starts by discussing how print servers work and how to choose a suitable printer. It then launches into a discussion about installing printers, changing printer driver and print server settings, as well as printer troubleshooting.
How Needs Drive Technologies and Vice Versa
When Consumers Talk
Before you can begin to learn how to use XLink, you ll need to learn how to speak its language at least to your colleagues. Let s start with the term link. A link defines the relationship between two or more resources, such as that between a document and an image file. A locator identifies the remote resource referred to in the link. And the XML element that contains the link is called the linking element. Here s an example of a simple XLink:
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