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Editing and repairing the Boot.ini file When you install Windows XP Professional, the hidden file attribute for Boot.ini is set by default. To edit the Boot.ini file, you can use the following tools:
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20: Maintaining Network Security
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One thing to keep in mind is that a study guide is only as good as the student who uses it. You won t have any advantage on the AP Environmental Science exam by putting off the review work. Pick a study timeline and stick to it. Good luck!
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2: Internet Networking
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Workflow Processing
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costly to acquire, deploy, and maintain than the systems that they replace. The new systems take advantage of advances in technology in the following ways:
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Figure 13-4 Comp Interface.
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A Windows 2000 domain Group Policy has more than 100 security-related settings and more than 450 registry-based settings that provide a broad range of options for managing the user environment. Windows Server 2003 offers additional options and settings, and with Service Pack 2 for Windows XP the number of registry-based settings available in Group Policy is almost 1400. Group Policy settings are:
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Now, while Doctrine can produce models that correspond to individual tables and expose methods for common operations on those tables, it doesn t have the intelligence to automatically detect relationships between tables. However, these relationships are often critically important in practical use, so it s up to the application developer to define these relationships by linking models together. Doctrine makes it possible to replicate all the different types of relationships possible in an RDBMS one-to-one, one-to-many, manyto-many, and self-referencing using just two methods: hasOne() and hasMany(). Both these methods take two arguments: the name of the other model to be used in the relationship, and an array of options specifying parameters for the relationship. To ensure that these relationships are automatically loaded when the model is instantiated, they should be used within the model s setUp() method.
toward emerging, high-potential markets, including the sports drink (Stage 2) and bottled water (Stage 2) industries. For another example, look to IBM and Oracle. In the late 1990s, both companies spun off units in the sizeable, Stage 1 corporate training industry. Annual spending on corporate training exceeds US$8 billion in the United States, At this final stage of consolidation, market potenand of that about US$5 billion is spent on IT tial lies in identifying pocktraining. According to Lifelong Learning s ets of opportunity or niches where the company can Market Report, the number-two training compa- add value to the business. ny in 1998 was Oracle Education, a division of the software giant, with a 5.4% share worth US$443 million. The number-one trainer was IBM Learning Services, with an 8.5% share worth nearly US$700 million. The training market, while sensitive to economic trends, has been growing at a steady rate. And these two Stage 4 innovators did not miss the opportunity of an attractive spin-off business opportunity with lots of growth potential. Fight Complacency Stage 4 companies must engage in a never-ending battle with complacency, and those that succumb to contentment with their position risk imminent competitive onslaught. Once again, consider the ongoing battle between Stage 4 giants Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. It has been a battle of give-and-take for decades. In the early 1990s, Coke became complacent in its marketing and product strategy. Then, intimidated by Pepsi s rapid gain in market share, Coke changed the taste of its flagship product, causing it to go into a tailspin. In the mid-1990s, however, the tables turned as Coke beat Pepsi in the race for international expansion and became the dominant brand in several strategic countries in Asia and Eastern Europe. More recently, Pepsi has been on a faster growth track than Coke, thanks to gains in its new non-cola beverage businesses. This epic battle highlights the consequences of taking your eye off the ball in the Balance and Alliance Stage. As a result, Stage 4 companies must avoid complacency at all costs. Effective human resources management can often take on a
Your online listing engaged my attention immediately as I hope my experience will engage yours: * Project management * Web development * Customer service * Team leadership * Web-based document management and imaging systems implementation This is the kind of hands-on experience that will enable me to bring significant benefits to your firm right away -- without costly training or trial-by-error learning. If you will be kind enough to contact me, I will make myself available to meet at your convenience. Best regards, Burt Sonstein Burt.Sonstein@inphosistems.com (123) 456-6789 home (098) 765-4321 work (111) 222-3333 cell
application; you always need to create your own. The Zend Framework includes a number of tools that can assist you in this task, such as the Zend_Db_Adapter database abstraction layer and the Zend_Db_Table interface to table operations. However, you can also create your application models using third-party tools like Doctrine or Propel, and integrate them into your Zend Framework application. And that, in fact, is what the next section is all about.
Working with Activities
New activity This MAC/IP address pair has been used for the first time in six months or more. New station This MAC address has not been seen before. Flip flop The MAC address has changed from the most recently seen address to the second most recently seen address. Changed MAC address The host (that is, client) switched to a new MAC address.
Richard C. Royce (555) 456-7890 Resume enclosed
Figure 3-3 MPLS label.
DSCP=x Customer Router
Why are layouts stored at the global level and not the module level With Web applications, it s quite common for views in different modules to share the same common layout. Therefore, the Zend Framework s default directory layout suggests placing layouts at the global, or application, level under $APP_DIR/application/layouts/, rather than under the $APP_DIR/application/modules/ hierarchy. That said, if your application is structured such that each module uses a different layout, you could relocate your layout files to the module level, and write a custom plug-in that dynamically changes the layout based on the module being accessed. You ll find a more detailed discussion of how to do this in the links at the end of this chapter.
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