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Short-Message Service Functions
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Figure 21-1. The Networking tab gives you real-time information about the bandwidth utilization of your network connections.
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For more information about enabling, disabling, and managing devices, see 9, Managing Devices. For more information about troubleshooting tools use and syntax, see Appendix C, Tools for Troubleshooting. For more information about troubleshooting Stop messages, see Common Stop Messages for Troubleshooting on the companion CD. For more information about system and performance monitoring, see Overview of Performance Monitoring in the Operations Guide of the Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit.
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Add a Program dialog box
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4 If you chose the schedule option, the schedule page appears. Choose when
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Description Allows programs running on behalf of a user to impersonate a client. Requiring this privilege prevents an unauthorized user from convincing a client to connect to a service they have created and impersonating that client, which can elevate the unauthorized user s permissions to administrative or system levels. Note that assigning this privilege can be a security risk, so only assign it to trusted users. Default setting: Administrators, Service Allows a user to increase the base priority class of a process. (Increasing relative priority within a priority class is not a privileged operation.) This privilege is not required by administrative tools supplied with the operating system but might be required by software development tools. Default setting: Administrators. Allows a user to install and remove drivers for Plug and Play devices. This privilege is not required if a signed driver for the new hardware already exists in the file on the computer. Default setting: Administrators. Do not assign this privilege to any user or group other than Administrators. Device drivers run as trusted (highly privileged) code. A user who has Load and unload device drivers privilege could unintentionally install malicious code masquerading as a device driver. It is assumed that administrators will exercise greater care and install only drivers with verified digital signatures. You must have this privilege and also be a member of either Administrators or Power Users to install a new driver for a local printer or manage a local printer by setting defaults for options such as duplex printing. The requirement to have both the privilege and membership in Administrators or Power Users is new to Windows XP Professional.
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1: Windows XP Networking
The function declaration statement must have a prefix, a function name, a parameter list, and a return value. In addition, a function declaration statement must also define a code block that contains statements that are executed when the function is called from within an XQuery. Here s the structure of a function declaration statement:
circles applet_app = new circles();
Wireless Mobility
Now the image appears in the window, and we're ready to work with the mouse.
Introduction Technology and Concepts Basic Call Processing Intersystem Procedures Voice Feature Procedures Common Voice Feature Procedures Operation Timer Values Annexes
public boolean action (Event e, Object o){
for(int index = 0; index <= recordNumber; index++){
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