the network operators. Content providers are reluctant to offer services that are not completely secure because of potential breaches, loss of consumer confidence, and erosion of brand equity. This segment s continued push for improved security will have a positive impact on the growth and development of wireless security and mobile commerce.
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Windows Messenger now supports features that enable you to hold online meetings and share applications. These features, Whiteboard and Application Sharing, have been added to Windows Messenger from the Microsoft NetMeeting program to give you additional flexibility when communicating over the Internet. For example, suppose you are using Windows Messenger to hold a meeting, and during that meeting, you want to draw an illustration for the attendees. Whiteboard provides you with a way to draw pictures and write text that appear in the Conversation window on the receiving computer. In the same manner, you can also share programs running on your computer. This feature enables you to collaborate on a document or file with someone else, accessing the application on one computer from both computers. The following two sections explore Whiteboard and Application Sharing.
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Appendix C:
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Historical Content Management
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Sequential Processing
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A set of quality assurance standards and mechanisms for data transmission, implemented in this version of Windows. Also known as a time slice, the maximum amount of time a thread can run before the system checks for another ready thread of the same priority to run. An older storage technology used with tape backup drives and cartridges. A means of backing up data on computer systems, QIC represents a set of standards devised to enable tapes to be used with drives from different manufacturers. The QIC standards specify the length of tape, the number of recording tracks, and the magnetic strength of the tape coating, all of which determine the amount of information that can be written to the tape. Older QIC-80 drives can hold up to 340 MB of compressed data. Newer versions can hold more than 1 GB of information.
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IEEE 802.1x is a standard for port-based network access control. This control method is used to provide authentication for access to Ethernet networks. The standard, which enforces authentication before LAN ports can be used, is an Ethernet standard that has been adapted to 802.11b. When 802.1x is used on networks, the wireless access point authenticates wireless clients in conjunction with a Remote Authentication Dial-in User Service (RADIUS) server. The RADIUS server provides authentication and authorization of wireless connections for the wireless access point. In large wireless networks, the use of 802.1x, RADIUS, and digital certificates provides a high level of authentication security and a method to determine strong per-session WEP encryption keys. Windows XP supports 802.1x authentication for all types of LAN adapters including wireless. For a large network, ensure that your wireless access points support WEP and IEEE 802.1x.
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Using Remote Access Understanding Virtual Private Networking 504
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ASR Backup
188 U Step 4. Review the Knowledge You Need to Score High
NTFS Recoverability
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What is the Yahoo! User Interface Library To quote its official Web site, the Yahoo! User Interface Library, aka YUI, is a set of utilities and controls, written with JavaScript and CSS, for building richly interactive web applications. It provides a huge number of ready-made widgets that developers can integrate into a Web application with minimal fuss, and it works on all modern browsers. Some of the widgets in this library include an image carousel, a color picker, a drag-anddrop interface, an upload progress monitor, tabbed and tree menu systems, a calendar widget, and an input autocompleter. Among these widgets is a calendar widget, which displays a monthly calendar and provides navigation controls for the user to move back and forth between months and years. The user can select a particular date by clicking it; the widget will automatically convert the selected date into a standard date string and attach it to a specified form element.
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n 2, I described various reasons why value investing works. Namely, there are numerous irrational biases inherent in human nature that impair decision making. These biases, which have been explored by psychologists for years, are being increasingly studied in the context of investment decisions. Reflecting the growing popularity and acceptance of such principles, the 2002 Nobel Prize winners in economics were Daniel Kahneman and Vernon L. Smith, two researchers who integrated psychological factors into their studies of economies and financial markets. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences cited Kahneman for applying psychological factors to human judgment and decision-making under uncertainty. His experiments showed a shortsightedness in interpreting data that could explain large fluctuations on financial markets. 1 The growing recognition of psychological factors that influence our actions in economic and investment markets validate what many value investors have known for years. There are profits to be made in the stock market for patient investors who do two things: conduct thorough, funda-
PeopleSoft Enterprise JD Edwards World JD Edwards OneWorld SAP
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Zend Framework: A Beginner s Guide
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