Visit discussion boards and the Answer Center to get help or assist others. It s truly amazing how helpful eBayers are. Information, ideas, and inspiration always seem to be shared generously. If you have a specific question or issue, create your own post, or browse the different boards to gain knowledge and insight from other sellers. Recent changes to the discussion boards allow you to search up to a year s worth of thread postings. This gives even more access to the wealth of information that eBayers share with each other. The Seller Central discussion board, shown in Figure 7-3, is one of the more active discussion boards on eBay. Dozens of other eBay topic and category topic boards are just like it.
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Creating a New Share for a Shared Folder
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Opening Ports in Routing and Remote Access If you re using Windows Small Business Server 2003, Standard Edition, complete the following steps to open ports for L2TP in the Routing and Remote Access firewall:
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Jacqueline DuBois (555) 456-7890
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Probability and Random Variables 155
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Uncovering Your Hidden Talents
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The Wireless Future
This P-value is quite low and provides evidence against the null and in favor of the alternative that security procedures actually detect less than the claimed percentage of banned objects. 12. I. Let md = the mean of the differences between the scores of husbands and wives. H0: md = 0. HA: md < 0. II. We are told to assume that = 1.77 (Note: This is a reasonable assumption, given the large sample size). This is a matched-pairs situation and we will use a one-sample z-test for a population mean. We assume that this is a random sample of married couples. 0.38 0 = 2.84 P -value = 0.0023. III. z = 1.77 175 (If you are bothered by using z rather than t after all, we really don t know D note that for t = 2.84 based on df = 174, P-value = 0.0025, which is very close to the value obtained by using z and results in exactly the same conclusion.) IV. Because P is very small, we reject H0. The data provide strong evidence that women have a stronger reaction to violence in videos than do men. 13. I. Let p1 = the true proportion of voters who plan to vote for Grumpy 4 weeks before the election. Let p2 = the true proportion of voters who plan to vote for Grumpy 2 weeks before the election. H0: p1 p2 = 0. HA: p1 p2 > 0. II. We will use a two-proportion z-test for the difference between two population proportions. Both samples are random samples of the voting populations at the time. 420 = 0.56, p2 = 465 = 0.517 . p1 = 750 900
Over-the-Air Service Provisioning
Part 2: Internet Networking
Part II:
XML Demysti ed
Zend Framework: A Beginner s Guide
Feature interaction is a complex issue. It is a situation that arises when a subscriber is authorized for multiple features. Four aspects of feature interaction need to be analyzed:
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