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2: Configuring TCP/IP and Other Protocols
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Figure 12-1
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Figure 12.29 An example of the FA feature invocation: (1) The call to the FA pilot directory number starts out as a normal call delivery attempt the originating system sends a LOCREQ message to the HLR. The originating system includes the TransactionCapability parameter, indicating whether it can support the multiple terminations required for the FA feature; this parameter is required in the ANSI-41 LOCREQ message. (2) The HLR initiates FA processing. Both mobile members of the group, MS-A and MS-B, are roaming in another network. The HLR sends two ROUTREQ messages to the serving system, one for each of the two MSs, and receives two temporary local directory numbers (TLDN1 and TLDN2) in return. (3) The HLR sends the two TLDNs and the land-line number POTS1 to the originating system in the ANSI-41 TerminationList parameter. The HLR may also provide the AnnouncementList parameter, directing the originating system to inform the calling party that the call is being forwarded. The HLR may then terminate its FA call processing. (4) The originating system establishes calls in parallel to each of TLDN1, TLDN2, and POTS1. (5) MS-B answers. Therefore, the originating system connects the calling party to MS-B and releases the calls to the other two members of the FA group. This completes the originating system s processing of the FA call.
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ApacheBench summary statistics
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Part 2 Wireless Technologies and Applications
What About Buying a New Home When the Market s Hot
The easiest way to distinguish host name resolution problems from NetBIOS name resolution problems is to find out whether the failing application uses NetBIOS or Windows Sockets. Most Internet- or intranet-based applications (such as Internet Explorer and other Web browsers, ftp clients, and telnet) use Windows Sockets. If the application uses Windows Sockets, the problem lies with host name resolution. If the application uses NetBIOS, the problem is with NetBIOS name resolution (broadcast, Lmhosts, or WINS). You can troubleshoot NetBIOS name-resolution problems with the various net commands and other administrator tools.
Troubleshooting Printing Problems
Technologies for Packet-Based Voice Applications
Executive Summary
2nd stage
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