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attributed to the relative lack of mineral cement (chemically precipitated material that binds adjacent particles together and gives strength to the sand, which in most sandstone occupies a considerable amount of what was void space in the original sediment). Permeability is a measure of the ability of a sediment or rock to transmit fluids. It is, to a major extent, controlled by the size and shapes of the pores as well as the channels (throats) between the pores; the smaller the channel, the more difficult it is to transmit the reservoir fluid (water, bitumen). Fine-grained sediments invariably have a lower permeability than coarse-grained sediments, even if the porosity is equivalent. It is not surprising that the permeability of the bitumen-free sand from the Alberta deposits is quite high. On the other hand, the bitumen in the deposits, immobile at formation temperatures [approximately 4 C (39 F)] and pressures, actually precludes any significant movement of fluids through the sands under unaltered formation conditions. For the Canadian tar sands, bitumen contents from 8 to 14 percent by weight may be considered as normal (or average). Bitumen contents above or below this range have been ascribed to factors that influence impregnation of the sand with the bitumen (or the bitumen precursor). There are also instances where bitumen contents in excess of 12 percent by weight have been ascribed to gravity settling during the formative stages of the bitumen. Bitumen immobility then prevents further migration of the bitumen itself or its constituents. The bitumen content of the tar sand of the United States varies from 0 to as much as 22 percent by weight. There are, however, noted relationships between the bitumen, water, fines, and mineral contents for the Canadian tar sands. Similar relationships may also exist for the United States tar sands but an overall lack of study has prevented the uncovering of such data. While conventional crude oil and heavy oil either flows naturally or is pumped from the ground, tar sand must be mined and the bitumen removed from the sand and water. Tar sand currently represents 40 percent of Alberta s total oil production and about one-third of all the oil produced by Canada. By 2005, oil sands production is expected to represent 50 percent of Canada s total crude oil output and 10 percent of North American production. Although tar sands occur in more than 70 countries, the two largest are Canada and Venezuela, with the bulk being found in four different regions of Alberta, Canada: areas of Athabasca, Wabasha, Cold Lake, and Peace River. The sum of these covers an area of nearly 77,000 km2. In fact, the reserve that is deemed to be technologically retrievable today is estimated at 280 to 300 billion barrels, which is larger than the Saudi Arabia crude oil reserves. The total reserves for Alberta, including oil not recoverable using current technology, are estimated at 1700 to 2500 billion barrels.
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Getting Started
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The electrons that are being lost by the zinc metal are the same electrons that are being gained by the cupric ion. The zinc metal is being oxidized, and the cupric cation is being reduced. Something must cause the oxidation (taking of the electrons), and that substance is called the oxidizing agent (the reactant being reduced). In the example above, the oxidizing 2+ agent is Cu . The reactant undergoing oxidation is called the reducing agent, because it is furnishing the electrons used in the reduction half-reaction. Zinc metal is the reducing agent above. The two half-reactions, oxidation and reduction, can be added together to give you the overall redox reaction. The electrons must cancel that is, there must be the same number of electrons lost as electrons gained: Zn(s) + Cu (aq) + 2e Zn (aq) + 2e + Cu(s) Zn(s)+Cu (aq) Zn (aq) + Cu(s) In these redox reactions, like the electrochemical reactions we will show you, there is a simultaneous loss and gain of electrons. In the oxidation reaction (commonly called a halfreaction) electrons are being lost, but in the reduction half-reaction those very same electrons are being gained. So, in redox reactions electrons are being exchanged as reactants are being converted into products. This electron exchange may be direct, as when copper metal plates out on a piece of zinc, or it may be indirect, as in an electrochemical cell (battery). In this chapter, we will show you both processes and the calculations associated with each. The balancing of redox reactions is beginning to appear on the AP exam, so we have included the half-reaction method of balancing redox reactions in the Appendix, just in case you are having trouble with the technique in your chemistry class. The definitions for oxidation and reduction given above are the most common and the most useful ones. A couple of others might also be useful: Oxidation is the gain of oxygen or loss of hydrogen and involves an increase in oxidation number. Reduction is the gain of hydrogen or loss of oxygen and involves a decrease in oxidation number.
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What is Over-the-Air Parameter Administration
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Figure 3-10 SE reservation style.
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Wireless networking has proven to be a killer app for many network retail and manufacturing companies. The return on investment (ROI) for wireless applications has proven to be significant. Unlike the corporate campus, the common workstations for a retail or manufacturing wireless application are personal digital assistants (PDAs), bar-code scanners, and other thin clients. The following network designs were used in these environments.
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Device drivers or applications that do not respond to shutdown messages.
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Part 2 Wireless Technologies and Applications
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Mr. James J. Milstein Assistant Treasurer J.P. Chase Manhattan Bank 14 Chase Plaza New York, NY 09876 Dear Mr. Milstein: It was a pleasure meeting you at last week s Retirement Seminar. The amount of work that went into preparing such an informative program was evident and well spent, I can assure you. Your presenters held the interest of each participant, and clearly described the products and services your firm offers. Given my background and interest in this dynamic area of financial services, I believe that I may be able to offer your firm something of value in return. As the enclosed resume demonstrates, my track record with prospective customers is a proven one; over the last 16 months, I have increased our company s sales of retirement planning services by 22%! Mr. Milstein, this is the growth potential I would like to offer a leading firm such as yours. If there is any advice or recommendation you could offer, I would be most grateful. I will take the liberty of calling you shortly to see to whom I should address my credentials at Chase. Again, my thanks for a most enjoyable seminar and for any assistance you can provide. With appreciation,
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Auditing Logon Events
In VHDL87 there were two types of delay categories, inertial and transport. 2, Behavioral Modeling, talks about the differences between them. The VHDL87 inertial delay will reject pulses smaller than
to Alt+Tab on the client computer). (equivalent to Alt+Shift+Tab).
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ECM and Enterprise 2.0
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