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Connecting Mac OS X Clients Mac OS X is the most compatible Macintosh operating system ever. Out of the box, Mac OS X 10.2.x and Mac OS X 10.3.x can connect to file shares and printers hosted by a Windows Small Business Server 2003 computer and use Internet Explorer 5 for Mac OS X to participate on SharePoint intranet Web sites. Besides the built-in support, Microsoft Office is available on Mac OS X; Microsoft Entourage v.X 10.1.4 and later have native support for Microsoft Exchange; and there s a free Remote Desktop Connection client for Mac OS X available at http://www.microsoft.com/mac.
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Element elem2 = (Element)enum.nextElement();
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A device that puts text or images on paper or other print media. Examples are laser printers or dot-matrix printers. See also logical printer; printing pool.
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Trees are important for many reasons, but grasslands are another big biome. Composed of savannas, steppes, prairies, open woodlands, and a variety of grasslands, rangelands cover around 25% of the planet s land surface. Much of North America s Great Plains (e.g., 3.8 billion hectares) is grassland. Another 4 billion hectares of other lands (i.e., tundra, marsh, scrub brush, forest, and desert) support approximately 3 billion cattle, goats, sheep, buffalo, and camels that humans use for nutrition. The key is to balance sustainable herding and grassland biodiversity. Unfortunately, grassland biomes are often converted to cropland or urban areas. In fact, annual grassland conversion is three times that of tropical forests worldwide. The U.S. Department of Agriculture cites more threatened plant species in rangeland than in any other biome.
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The Add Web Parts tool pane.
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Oil shale is sedimentary marlstone rock that is embedded with rich concentrations of organic material known as kerogen. The western oil shale of the United States contains approximately 15 percent organic material, by weight. By heating oil shale to high temperatures, kerogen can be released and converted to a liquid that, once upgraded, can be refined into a variety of liquid fuels, gases, and high-value chemical and mineral byproducts. Oil shale represents a large and mostly untapped source of hydrocarbon fuels. Like oil sands, it is an unconventional or alternate fuel source and it does not contain oil. Oil is produced by thermal decomposition of the kerogen, which is intimately bound within the shale matrix and is no readily extractable.
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For more information about using EFS, see 18, Using Encrypting File System.
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import com.ms.xml.Element;
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Select the check box in the Internet Connection Firewall section to enable ICF.
If you export your favorites, they appear in an HTML file (Bookmark.htm by default), which you can open in any browser and click the links to open the pages. If you export your cookies, they appear in a text file (named Cookies.txt by default). In the same manner, you can import favorites or cookies from another application or from a file.
Part 2: Internet Networking
9. Because you added the transaction to the deposit logic, click the C key to make a deposit. 10. Type 10 to deposit $100 (10 multiples of $10.00) and then click the D key to initiate the transaction. The transaction should succeed, and the screen now indicates the transaction is complete. Because the Woodgrove database creation script loaded the fictitious bank account with $1234.56, the balance now indicates $1334.56. Note you can read the balance in the lower-left corner of the application. Click the C key to return to the starting screen. 11. Now let s force the transaction to fail. The Deposit stored procedure takes as a parameter a value that causes the stored procedure to return an error. Selecting the Force Transactional Error check box assigns a value that causes the Deposit error. So click the B key to access the PIN verification screen yet again, then type 1234, and then click the C key to access the banking activity selection screen. 12. Again, click the C key to make a deposit and enter 10 to deposit another $100, but this time select the Force Transactional Error check box before clicking the D key. 13. After clicking the D key, the application indicates a transactional failure, but notice the balance. It indicates the current balance is still $1334.56, which was the balance prior to the transaction. Both the successful transaction (step 10) and the failed transaction (step 12) were handled by the TransactionScope activity you placed in the workflow in step 5. This is a phenomenal result! By including a single WF activity, we gained automatic (XA-style) transactional control over database updates. Can implementing a compensated transaction be as easy As it happens, more work is required, but it s still not difficult to add compensated transactions to your workflow. Adding a compensated transaction to your workflow 1. With the WorkflowATM solution open for editing, again open the Workflow1.cs file in the visual workflow designer. Look for the WithdrawState activity in the lower row of state activities and double-click the CmdPressed5 activity you see there. This opens the CmdPressed5 activity for editing, and once it s opened, you should see the makeWithdrawal1 Code activity on the left side of the workflow.
Take It to the Next Level
want to provide the highest level of security and ease-of-use to a wireless network. This is the best method of authenticating wireless clients, though it does require setting up a RADIUS server, as discussed in 15. Caution
A band (15 MHz) 449 - 30 KHz channels
Figure 28-2 shows that the Disk Defragmenter snap-in is divided into two main areas. The upper part lists the volumes on the local computer and allows you to select a volume to analyze and defragment. The lower part displays a graphical representation of how fragmented the volume is. The colors indicate the condition of the volume:
and standardizing protocols for networks and facsimile transmission. ITU is an international organization within which governments and the private sector coordinate global telecom networks and services.
Completing the To Do List and Other Post-Installation Tasks
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