Allowing Clients to Dial in to Your Computer in

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5: Advanced Networking
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After the browsing role for a Windows XP Professional based computer is determined, the computer checks to see whether a master browser is present on the domain. If a master browse server does not exist, a browser election determines which computer becomes a master browse server for the workgroup. A browser election occurs when the following circumstances exist:
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Anadarko Petroleum Corp
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Superset of Windows XP Professional
The disk is spinning up. The disk might have experienced hardware failure, corruption, or I/O errors. The disk s copy of the dynamic disk database might be corrupted.
If you are planning on integrating Windows XP into a heterogeneous network, it is important to understand where Windows XP and the other systems match up in terms of supported technology. The next two sections examine the networking protocols and media types that Windows XP supports.
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Connecting Clients to Windows Networks
Earthquake Intensity
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