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Monitoring disk usage helps to balance the load of servers. When monitoring disk performance, log the performance data to another disk or computer to prevent it from skewing the data for the disk you are testing. Note Disk counters are permanently enabled in Windows Small Business Server and Microsoft Windows XP To enable disk counters for Microsoft Win. dows 2000 or Windows NT, use the Diskperf command. (Type diskperf - at a command prompt for additional information.)
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After the tools are installed, choose Start, All Programs, and point to Windows Support Tools. Because these tools are command-line utilities, they aren t individually listed. Instead, open a Command Prompt window from the submenu that appears and read the Release Notes and Support Tools Help to learn the names and functions of the support tools. If you choose Support Tools Help and click the Alphabetical List Of Tools link, you ll see that there are nearly 50 utilities available to you. Two of these utilities are discussed in the following sections.
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James River Corp of Virginia
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Boolean Optimization
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CEO Strategies for Endgames
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Infrared Picture Transfer (IrTran-P) is an image transfer protocol that sends images to Windows XP Professional by using infrared technology. On a camera that supports IrTran-P, when you press the Send button, the camera sends its stored images to Windows XP Professional. The IrTran-P server in Windows XP Professional then detects the connection the camera is attempting to establish, begins a session, accepts the images, and stores them in the My Pictures folder. To use IrTran-P, you need an imaging device, typically a camera that can produce infrared transmissions, and a computer that can receive infrared transmissions. Most IrTran-P devices are Plug and Play and do not need any special configuration.
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Part III:
6 Next, select DefaultUserName in the right pane and press Enter. Type the user
11. C Using the equation: log K = nE 2(0 .12) = = 4 .05 0 .0592 0 .0592
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box of the connection, and select the Advanced tab.
Test the application by adding new rows of data that have similar Make and CarType values and colors so you can validate that your application works well. Note that you could have created the same application by using LINQ to SQL. This book won t go into the details of the implementation for LINQ to SQL, but if you want to learn more about it, please take a
20 Monitoring and Fine-Tuning Performance 506 21 Disaster Planning and Fault Tolerance 542
Cellular Network and Security What Next
Figure 21-2. The Backup Destination page of the Automated System Recovery Preparation Wizard.
Making written guidelines about your graphic identity and design issues creates a standard of quality that pervades your business and strengthens your brand. And strong brand identity gives you an edge for success.
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