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Then you can use this code in your XML document whenever you want to use New Jersey:
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14. A teacher s union and a school district are negotiating salaries for the coming year. The teachers want more money, and the district, claiming, as always, budget constraints, wants to pay as little as possible. The district, like most, has a large number of moderately paid teachers and a few highly paid administrators. The salaries of all teachers and administrators are included in trying to figure out, on average, how much the professional staff currently earn. Which of the following would the teachers union be most likely to quote during negotiations a. The mean of all the salaries. b. The mode of all the salaries. c. The standard deviation of all the salaries. d. The interquartile range of all the salaries. e. The median of all the salaries. 15. Alfred and Ben don t know each other but are each considering asking the lovely Charlene to the school prom. The probability that at least one of them will ask her is 0.72. The probability that they both ask her is 0.18. The probability that Alfred asks her is 0.6. What is the probability that Ben asks Charlene to the prom a. b. c. d. e. 16. A of a. b. c. d. e. 0.78 0.30 0.24 0.48 0.54 significance test of the hypothesis H0: p = 0.3 against the alternative HA: p > 0.3 found a value p = 0.35 for a random sample of size 95. What is the P-value of this test 1.06 0.1446 0.2275 0.8554 0.1535
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computer starts up. The active volume must be a simple volume on a dynamic disk. You cannot mark an existing dynamic volume as the active volume, but you can upgrade a basic disk containing the active partition to a dynamic disk. After the disk is upgraded to dynamic, the partition becomes a simple volume that is active. See also active partition; basic disk; dynamic disk; dynamic volume; simple volume.
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5.3 6.3 Good Highest
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Trigonal bipyramidal
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catch (ParseException e3) {
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Once the board is powered up, and the FPGA device is programmed with the new device file from place and route, the debugger can communicate with the device through the JTAG port. The debugger also reads the database file created by the Instrumentor and the original VHDL source files. The instrumentor database relates the real signals on the device to the location of the signals in the original HDL.
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Statistics, Section II, Part A, Questions 1 5
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The Focus Stage
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23. Expand the + next to WhenCondition to show the Condition property. Into the Condition property, enter CheckOverfill. This adds the CheckOverfill method and switches you to the code editor, so return to the visual workflow designer.
Windows XP Professional uses hardware profiles to determine which drivers to load. A computer can have different profiles that describe different hardware configurations. Hardware profiles are especially important for portable computers that can be docked. Windows XP
Cable & Wireless PLC
5.6.2 Liquefaction Processes The process options for coal liquefaction can generally be divided into four categories: (a) pyrolysis, (b) solvent extraction, (c) catalytic liquefaction, and (d) indirect liquefaction. Pyrolysis Processes. Pyrolysis of coal dates back to the eighteenth century, using temperatures below 700 C in fixed- or moving-bed reactors. The primary product was a lowvolatile smokeless domestic fuel, although the value of the liquid products was also soon recognized. During the 1920s and 1930s there was a great deal of interest in low-temperature processes, but interest died in the mid-1940s when gas and oil became readily available at low prices. With the oil embargo and increased oil prices of the early 1970s, interest renewed in coal pyrolysis, but in the 1980s interest has again declined along with petroleum prices (Khan and Kurata, 1985). The first category of coal liquefaction processes, pyrolysis processes, involves heating coal to temperatures in excess of 400 C (752 F), which results in the conversion of the coal to gases, liquids, and char. The char is hydrogen deficient thereby enabling intermolecular or intramolecular hydrogen transfer processes to be operative, resulting in relatively hydrogen-rich gases and liquids. Unfortunately, the char produced often amounts to more than 45 percent by weight of the feed coal and, therefore, such processes have often been considered to be uneconomic or inefficient use of the carbon in the coal. In the presence of hydrogen (hydrocarbonization) the composition and relative amounts of the products formed may vary from the process without hydrogen but the yields are still very much dependent upon the process parameters such as heating rate, pressure, coal type, coal (and product) residence time, coal particle size, and reactor configuration. The operating pressures for pyrolysis processes are usually less than 100 psi [690 kPa; more often between 5 and 25 psi (34 172 kPa)] but the hydrocarbonization processes require hydrogen pressures of the order of 300 to 1000 psi (2.1 6.9 MPa). In both categories of process, the operating temperature can be as high as 600 C (1112 F). There are three types of pyrolysis reactors that are of interest: (a) a mechanically agitated reactor, (b) an entrained-flow reactor, and (c) a fluidized bed reactor. The agitated reactor may be quite complex but the entrained-flow reactor has the advantage of either down- or up-flow operation and can provide short residence times. In addition, the coal can be heated rapidly, leading to higher yields of liquid (and gaseous) products that may well exceed the volatile matter content of the coal as determined by the appropriate test (Kimber and Gray, 1967). The short residence time also allows a high throughput of coal and the potential for small reactors. Fluidized reactors
174 STEP 4. Discover/Review to Score High
start out with manual caching. Manual caching means that the user has to select the files and folders for them to be made available offline. A characteristic of manual caching is that the selected files and folders are always available offline because they are downloaded to the local computer when the resource is first marked for offline use. On the other hand, only the files and folders that the user manually chooses (by selecting Make Available Offline) are cached. Manual caching is most appropriate for users who spend a lot of time working off the network, such as those using portable computers they take home from their office network or use while traveling.
44. What was used to light homes before the invention of the light bulb in 1879 (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) Kerosene Propane Wind power Creosote Sheep oil
heat of vaporization The heat of vaporization is the
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