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We start the DSSSL stylesheet .+ with a DTD: <!doctype style-sheet PUBLIC "-//James Clark//DTD DSSSL Style Sheet//EN">
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Changing Careers
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Common Mistakes to Avoid
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Bindings and Provider Order
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ANSI-41 Explained
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The ANSI-41 Protocol Architecture
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implementations, the content provider creates a subset of data in the WML format. Given WML s interoperability with HTML, this is not an enormous task, but it does point out that some effort must be expended to enable existing web content for wireless devices.
success in the market. In addition, the packet portion of VoP, as noted, has very little to do with the bandwidth saving itself that credit must go to the vocoding technology. Compression could be accomplished without packetization of any kind (such as IP, ATM, Frame Relay, or MPLS). In a greenfield environment, the planner might look at deploying a VoP architecture rather than a traditional Class 5 switch for transmission sav-
Antitrust Red Flags
Using RMON
U Solutions to Practice Exam 2, Section II, Part A
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