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Auditing must first be enabled at the system level before it becomes effective. To enable system auditing, launch Local Security Settings by opening Local Security Policy from the Administrative Tools folder. Double-click Local Policies, and then select Audit Policy. From here, you can audit either successful or failed (or both) account logon events, account management events (such as password changes), directory service access, logon events, object access, policy changes, privilege uses, process tracking, and system events. For basic security purposes, enable auditing for Audit Account Logon Events and Audit Logon Events. Right-click the first of these audit policies, choose Properties, and select both the Success and Failure options. Then repeat the steps for the other policy. Once auditing is enabled, you can review the logon successes and failures in the Security Event Log by opening Event Viewer in the Administrative Tools folder and clicking Security in the left pane, as shown in Figure 20-7.
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Troubleshooting Disks and File Systems
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Sample Script In Convertdyn.txt: Select disk 0 convert dynamic
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3 On the ICMP tab, make sure that no ICMP message options are selected. 4 Ensure that the ICF connection is currently connected to the Internet. 5 Open Network Connections. 6 In the Network Connections window, right-click the connected Internet
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If you are migrating from Microsoft Windows NT version 4.0, the enhancements in Table 28-2 apply in addition to those outlined in Table 28-1.
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Snapping and Aligning Controls Using Snap Lines
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In most computers, the default setting of 1 is adequate. The default setting accommodates volumes with an average file size of 8 KB. To store a large number of smaller files (between 2 KB and 7 KB), use the fsutil behavior set mftzone command to increase the size of the MFT zone for new volumes. You must restart the computer before the new MFT zone size takes effect. After you increase the size of the MFT zone, NTFS does not immediately allocate space to accommodate the size of the new MFT zone. Instead, NTFS exhausts the original reserved space before increasing the size of the MFT zone. When the original space is exhausted, NTFS looks for the next contiguous space large enough to hold the additional MFT zone, which can cause the MFT to become fragmented. Therefore, the fsutil behavior set mftzone command works best when you use the command to set the zone size, reboot, and then create the volume. To determine the current size of the MFT zone on a Windows XP Professional based computer, use the fsutil behavior query mftzone command. If you have not modified the size of the MFT zone, a message appears that indicates the MFT zone is not currently set, which means that the default setting of 1 is used. Otherwise, the command returns the current value, either 1, 2, 3, or 4. The current setting applies to all NTFS volumes in the computer.
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Certification, Uptake Version 12
Figure 25-4
Determining Effective Permissions
as a whole from one device to another on a network.
3. Select or clear the columns that you want to add to, or remove from, the Processes tab. For more information about using Task Manager, start the tool, and then on the Help menu, click Task Manager Help Topics.
ANSI-41 Explained
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compensation. A good perspective to take is that you are essential for their success. Remember, most hiring managers aren t skilled interviewers. They have little or no training in this area, and that lack of training will frequently show. If they seem nervous, ask you inappropriate questions, or are rude, try not to take it personally. Most hiring managers don t like interviewing. They regard it as an intrusion on their precious time that prevents them from attending to their primary responsibilities. In addition, they don t like to say no. As a result, they generally don t prepare very well and are often nervous. The more you can set hiring managers at ease and persuade them that you can start making their lives easier, the better your chances.
Enabling Printing and Faxing
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