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END xor ; ------------------------------------------------------FUNCTION xor ( l,r : std_ulogic_vector ) RETURN std_ulogic_vector IS ALIAS lv : std_ulogic_vector ( 1 TO l LENGTH ) IS l; ALIAS rv : std_ulogic_vector ( 1 TO r LENGTH ) IS r; VARIABLE result : std_ulogic_vector ( 1 TO l LENGTH ); BEGIN IF ( l LENGTH /= r LENGTH ) THEN ASSERT FALSE REPORT arguments of overloaded xor operator are not of the same length SEVERITY FAILURE; ELSE FOR i IN result RANGE LOOP result(i) := xor_table (lv(i), rv(i)); END LOOP; END IF; RETURN result; END xor ; -------------------------------------------------------- xnor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note : The declaration and implementation of the xnor function is specifically commented until at which time the VHDL language has been officially adopted as containing such a function. At such a point, the following comments may be removed along with this notice without further official ballotting of this std_logic_1164 package. It is the intent of this effort to provide such a function once it becomes available in the VHDL standard. ------------------------------------------------------function xnor ( l,r : std_logic_vector ) return std_logic_vector is alias lv : std_logic_vector ( 1 to l length ) is l; alias rv : std_logic_vector ( 1 to r length ) is r; variable result : std_logic_vector ( 1 to l length ); begin if ( l length /= r length ) then assert false report arguments of overloaded xnor operator are not of the same length severity failure; else for i in result range loop result(i) := not_table(xor_table (lv(i), rv(i))); end loop; end if; return result; end xnor ;
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<!doctype LINK [
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Managing Digital Media
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4 When the wizard closes and returns you to the Computer Management console, open the Action menu and choose Refresh.
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other need for service qualification information
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To accomplish your primary goal, which is to elicit help, you must convince your reader that what you offer is meaningful. If you re asking for a referral, you must be worth referring. If you re asking whether there might be an opening for someone with your skills, your skills must be relevant to the firm, the division, or to the person you re writing. Keep in mind that recommending an unqualified candidate reflects poorly on the person referring you. Don t put anyone in this awkward position. Therefore, in the body of your letter provide the information your reader needs to make the decision to act on your behalf. Describe your talents, your background, your skills. Explain why they are meaningful to your prospective employer, whether it s the person you re writing to or the person to whom you d like to be introduced. And remember not to repeat word for word what s on your resume, particularly if you ll be enclosing it with your letter. How much space should you devote to this information When asked how long a man s legs should be, Abraham Lincoln observed, Long enough to reach the ground. The same applies here: supply as much data as it takes to make your point convincingly, and no more. If the person you write is not the one making the hiring decision, keep your letters short and to the point. To secure a referral, for example, your reader needs to be assured in a general sense that you will not turn out to be unqualified, and, therefore, an embarrassment to him. Paint an overview of yourself that demonstrates that you have the necessary experience to be a serious candidate. When describing your background, generalize. When discussing your accomplishments, summarize.
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Note: Paired samples (dependent samples) are a special case of one-sample statistics (H0: md = 0)
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The concentration of an acid or a base may be determined by titrating a solution of an unknown concentration with a solution of a known concentration. (See the chapter on Reactions and Periodicity and the chapter on Stoichiometry.)
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Telefonica SA
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XML/EDI Connects to EDI
Looking Ahead
Figure 6-3 The original paper certification example
7 Wireless Security
Some observations have an impact on correlation and regression. We defined an outlier quite specifically when we were dealing with one-variable data (remember the 1.5 IQR rule ). There is no analogous definition when dealing with two-variable data, but it is the same basic idea: an outlier lies outside of the general pattern of the data. An outlier can certainly influence a correlation and, depending on where it is located, may also exert an influence on the slope of the regression line. An influential observation is often an outlier in the x-direction. Its influence, if it doesn t line up with the rest of the data, is on the slope of the regression line. More generally, an influential observation is a datapoint that exerts a strong influence on a measure.
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