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Customizing a SharePoint Web Site
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Don t limit yourself to just one site. Post your r sum to as many sites as you can to increase the likelihood of getting it viewed. Although this takes extra time, be patient when searching for jobs online. Sorting through the many job listings and posting on multiple sites is timeconsuming, but you need to cover all the bases to make sure you are doing an effective job. A cyclical popularity for different job boards has impacted companies strategy for where they post jobs.
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If you work with a financial advisor, the IPS might also include procedures for communicating with your advisor. The IPS will outline how your investment process and objectives will be communicated to all parties involved with the investments, for example, advisors, beneficiaries, and current and future fiduciaries, and who is responsible for implementing what aspects of the plan. Setting objectives can help avoid the tendency to constantly compare short-term returns for your portfolio against an index, or that brother-inlaw who likes to brag about how much money he s making in stocks. It might make you feel better to have owned the best-performing stock each quarter, but it is far more important to evaluate periodically how your overall portfolio is doing compared to the specific goals you have set. In addition to assessing your risk tolerance and gauging your time horizon, there are other factors to consider when creating your objectives, including return requirements, income and liquidity needs, tax considerations, and legal and regulatory concerns. Here s a sample investment objective for a doctor: To make his job optional by the age of 55; to have an annual income from his investments of at least $100,000 (after taxes and in today s dollars, with an inflationary factor of 4.0%), beginning in the year he turns 55; to leave a substantial I suggest putting a lot of legacy to his two daughters; to time into developing your minimize potential tax liabilities; plan and far less time into to periodically monitor and revise tinkering with it. his portfolio, as required. 9 qr code reader
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Some organizations face a greater threat of having their laptops stolen. For example, hardware and software companies might be targeted by attackers hoping to steal the companies latest and greatest inventions. And law enforcement and government agencies might be targeted by attackers hoping to gain access to the secret information contained on their networks. Mobile telephone devices also have a high incidence of theft and loss. At the very least, a thief can use a stolen phone to make long-distance and international phone calls, creating very expensive phone bills for the owner. A thief can also retrieve contact information from a phone s address book, potentially subjecting the phone owner s friends and family to identity theft. A more serious vulnerability, however, is that many mobile phones have Internet access, or even full computing power, such as the Pocket PC Phone Edition devices. Such devices can have confidential information stored on them, such as passwords and private e-mail messages. Other types of devices in this category include handheld e-mail devices such as the BlackBerry, PDA devices such as Palm Pilots, and handheld PCs such as the Compaq iPAQ. Because it is often difficult for users to input data into these devices, perhaps because they must use an on-screen keyboard or handwriting recognition software, users of these devices frequently store network credentials, such as passwords, persistently. An attacker could retrieve these credentials to later attack the network of the device user s organization. These mobile devices also have the capability to store files, which an attacker could retrieve from the device if stolen. Laptop computers and mobile devices often have accessories and add-ons that might hold confidential information. Such accessories include conventional removable media, such as floppy disks and CDs. Another class of removable media includes high-capacity, solid-state devices, such as the myriad USB-enabled media, CompactFlash cards, Secure Digital (SD) cards, smart cards, and Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards for cellular and wireless phones. If they fall into the wrong hands, smart cards and SIM cards, in particular, can contain data such as private keys and personal information that could be used to attack the network of the device user s organization.
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Group Policy logon scripts Group Policy logoff scripts Group Policy startup scripts Group Policy shutdown scripts Logon scripts set on the properties sheets for user accounts
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Figure 12-5 illustrates an example of the profile data generated by the previous listing. There s also a specialized Zend_Db_Profiler_Firebug extension that can send query profiling data directly to the Firebug console. To use this, update the application bootstrapper to use this extension, as follows:
All of this Enterprise 2.0 technology is very exciting, and incredibly useful. However, it s important to reemphasize that it is both a social and technological movement. In order to get maximum value out of these tools, you also need to create a culture of sharing information, services, and connections. This can be difficult if you have departments that prefer to hoard access to information, or protect their employees from information in other departments. Enterprise 2.0 will not get off the ground in your organization without the proper system of rules, rewards, incentives, and accountability. It may be official policy to share information and connections, but are people properly motivated to do so It may be official policy to encourage risk takers, but do you properly motivate the risk takers regardless of whether they succeed or fail
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Take a Proactive Approach
After you create a security template for your environment, you need to apply it to your computer. When you apply a template to existing security settings, the settings in the template are merged into the computer s security settings. To apply a security template to a computer 1. In the Group Policy snap-in, double-click Computer Configuration\Windows Settings. 2. Right-click Security Settings, and then click Import Policy.
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