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When discussing how to measure the volatility of returns, you ll often hear the phrase standard deviation. What does this term mean Standard deviation is the dispersion of returns around an average return. So what does that mean In short, it means that the greater the standard deviation, the greater the volatility of a particular investment, portfolio, or market. Earlier in this chapter, I stated that high volatility (or high standard deviation) is not necessarily bad. Let s go back to your days in high school to illustrate this point. Among all your high school classmates, most probably got Cs and Bs on their report cards. Before the onset of the recent phenomenon of grade inflation, Cs and Bs were indeed average grades. For the purpose of this
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That's it for our image-handling chapter. In this chapter, we've seen how to load images into our Java
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Introduction to Wireless Functionality
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sonal computers and compatibles. As with other operating systems, such as OS/2, it translates user keyboard input into operations the computer can perform. MS-DOS can be easily accessed by using the command prompt, while MS-DOS-based programs can be accessed through the use of shortcuts on the desktop.
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Client Limit
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Although ICF is configured to work with Windows Messenger, there is an exception file transfer. To use the Windows Messenger file transfer feature, you ll need to create a service entry to allow the transfer, as described in Enabling Services on page 130. If you are on a network that uses another firewall or in a domain environment where a firewall is used, the firewall administrator might need to statically configure TCP ports so that Windows Messenger can communicate. TCP ports are described in the following list: code 128
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Element elem = d.getRoot();
for(int index = 0; index < numberDisplayLines; index++){
8. Add the following code to the CompensateWithdrawal method you just inserted:
by default. The data compression used by the modem, which is called hardware compression, is used to speed up the transfer process. Typically, you should leave the Compression setting enabled, but if you re having trouble making or maintaining modem connections, you can disable it to try to enhance connection reliability (at the cost of somewhat slower performance).
Tephra describes all the different types of matter sent blasting from a volcano compared to slow flowing lava.
3 2 2 18. C There are 5.00 10 mol of CrO4 and an equal number of mol of SnO2 . Thus 2 SnO2 is the limiting reactant (larger coefficient in the balanced reaction). 3 3 2 2 (5.00 10 mol SnO2 )(2 mol OH /3 mol SnO2 ) = 3.33 10 mol OH
WMI filtering applies only to computers running Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP and is really designed for very large networks, so its use in a Windows Small Business Server environment is akin to using a cannon to ring a doorbell. If you want to read up on WMI filters, select Help and Support from the Start menu. Search for WMI filters in the Help and Support.
<TITLE>The Rain in Spain</TITLE>
Large amounts of radioactive waste materials are created by nuclear power plants, industry, and mining. Dust and rock from uranium mining and refining contain radioactive contaminants, which cause problems due to runoff from mining sites. Medical radioactive tracers, which include phosphorus (32P), iron (59Fe), and iodine 131 ( I), are used to detect and treat early-stage diseases (e.g., thyroid, breast cancer). Thallium (201Tl) is used to detect heart disease since it binds tightly to well-oxygenated heart muscle. However, no matter how helpful they are, radioactive elements can enter sewage if not disposed of properly.
TABLE 14.2 Use of ANSI-41 Operations for OA&M
Figure 20-5.
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