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Desktop computer. Portable computer.
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Present information in short chunks and in a logical ow. Address the most important issues on the presentation outline rst, and do not review them for those who arrive late. Use the schedule you presented in the beginning throughout the presentation to reinforce concepts and assess the group s progress. Always nish on time, even if you have not covered all the material. Set the tone of the presentation, using the informality or formality of your postings, chats, stored standard responses, and e-mails. Deliver the content naturally. Vary the pace and format of the presentation every ve or six minutes. Maintain a brisk pace. Use pregnant pauses and repeat key phrases. Increase the level of interaction and frequency of comprehension checks if there is very little visual feedback from participants. Give attendees clear signposts to organize their thinking. Provide content summaries throughout the session, or assign this task to participants. Solicit feedback frequently to make sure that participants are with you.
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Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!
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The 'format' parameter passed to the ContextSwitch helper need not only be specified as a GET parameter. It can come from any valid parameter source, including the route definition itself.
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Note: Use this strategy only with products that realize consistent prices
Figure 14-39.
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XML Linking Language (XLink)
Note The local address table (LAT) identifies which addresses are on the
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