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To avoid data corruption, use UTF-8 encoding when creating translation files containing non-Latin characters. Some free and commercial text editors with UTF-8 encoding support include gedit on UNIX and Notepad2 on Microsoft Windows. Download links can be found at the end of this chapter.
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if an exception is generated while running the code within the try block (as happens in the preceding listing), PHP stops execution of the block at that point and begins checking each catch block to see if there is a handler for the exception. If a handler is found, the code within the appropriate catch block is executed and then the lines following the try block are executed; if not, a fatal error is generated and script execution stops at the point of error. Every Exception object includes some additional information that can be used for debugging the source of the error. This information can be accessed via the Exception object s built-in methods and includes a descriptive error message, an error code, the filename and the number of the line in which the error occurred, and a backtrace of the function invocations leading to the error. Table 8-1 lists these methods. A more sophisticated approach is to subclass the generic Exception object and create specific Exception objects for each possible error. This approach is useful when you need to treat different types of exceptions differently, as it allows you to use a separate catch block (and separate handling code) for each exception type. Here s a revision of the preceding example, which illustrates this approach:
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Planning You can back up the existing server and restore the software to a
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Plug and Play is a set of specifications that a computer uses to detect and configure a print device and install the appropriate drivers. This installation technique is available only for printers that are connected directly to your computer. Plug and Play is not available for networked printers. To start Plug and Play printer installation, plug your printer into your computer. In most cases, Windows XP Professional automatically configures the printer and activates it. During this process, Plug and Play installs the appropriate drivers; and you do not need to restart your computer. If the installation fails, you can use manual detection for Plug and Play printers by using the Add Printer Wizard or Device Manager. To install a local printer by using the Add Printer Wizard 1. In Control Panel, double-click Printers and Faxes. 2. Double-click Add Printer, and then follow the instructions. Although Windows XP Professional includes drivers for many popular printers, you need to provide the driver if your printer uses a driver that is not included with Windows XP Professional. If Plug and Play detects that your computer does not have a driver for your printer, you are prompted to provide it. You can have the Add Printer Wizard search for drivers on the CD, local drive, network path, or Windows Update.
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if (navigateWindow.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK) { this.myBrowser.Navigate(navigateWindow.txtUrl.Text); } navigateWindow.txtUrl.Text= ;
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In x86-based systems, startup failures that occur before the operating system loader (Ntldr) starts could indicate missing or deleted files, or it could indicate damage to the hard disk master boot record (MBR), partition table, or boot sector. If a problem occurs during startup, the system might have incompatible software or drivers, incompatible or improperly configured hardware, or corrupted system files. The startup process for x64-based computers is the same as that of x86-based computers.
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Part III:
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in the Piceance Creek Basin in western Colorado and the Uinta Basin in eastern Utah. The shale oil can be extracted by surface and in situ methods of retorting: depending upon the methods of mining and processing used, as much as one-third or more of this resource might be recoverable. There is also the Devonian-Mississippian black shale in the eastern United States. Data reported for the present survey indicate the vastness of U S. oil shale resources: the proved amount of shale in place is put at 3340 billion metric tons, with a shale oil content of 242 billion metric tons, of which about 89 percent is located in the Green River deposits and 11 percent in the Devonian black shale. Recoverable reserves of shale oil are estimated to be within the range of 60 to 80 billion metric tons, with additional resources put at 62 billion metric tons. Oil distilled from shale was burnt and used horticulturally in the second half of the nineteenth century in Utah and Colorado but very little development occurred at that time. It was not until the early 1900s that the deposits were first studied in detail by USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) and the government established the Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves, which for much of the twentieth century served as a contingency source of fuel for the military. These properties were originally envisioned as a way to provide a reserve supply of oil to fuel U.S. naval vessels. Oil shale development had always been on a small-scale but the project that was to represent the greatest development of the shale deposits was begun immediately after World War II in 1946 the U.S. Bureau of Mines established the Anvils Point oil shale demonstration project in Colorado. However, processing plants had been small and the cost of production high. It was not until the United States had become a net oil importer, together with the oil crises of 1973 and 1979, that interest in oil shale was reawakened. In the latter part of the twentieth century, military fuel needs changed and the strategic value of the shale reserves began to diminish. In the 1970s, ways to maximize domestic oil supplies were devised and the oil shale fields were opened up for commercial production. Oil companies led the investigations: leases were obtained and consolidated but one-by-one these organizations gave up their oil shale interests. Unocal was the last to do so in 1991. Recoverable resources of shale oil from the marine black shale in the eastern United States were estimated in 1980 to exceed 400 billion barrels. These deposits differ significantly in chemical and mineralogic composition from Green River oil shale. Owing to its lower atomic hydrogen/carbon ratio, the organic matter in eastern oil shale yields only about one-third as much oil as Green River oil shale, as determined by conventional Fischer assay analyses. However, when retorted in a hydrogen atmosphere, the oil yield of eastern oil shale increases by as much as 2.0 to 2.5 times the Fischer assay yield. Green River oil shale contains abundant carbonate minerals including dolomite, nahcolite, and dawsonite. The latter two minerals have potential by-product value for their soda ash and alumina content, respectively. The eastern oil shale are low in carbonate content but contain notable quantities of metals, including uranium, vanadium, molybdenum, and others which could add significant by-product value to these deposits. All field operations have ceased and at the present time shale oil is not being produced in the United States. Large-scale commercial production of oil shale is not anticipated before the second or third decade of the twenty-first century. The most economically attractive deposits, containing an estimated 1.5 trillion barrels (richness of >10 gal/ton) are found in the Green River Formation of Colorado (Piceance Creek Basin), Utah (Uinta Basin), and Wyoming (Green River and Washakie Basins). Eastern oil shale underlies 850,000 acres of land in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. In the Kentucky Knobs region in the Sunbury shale and the New Albany/Ohio shale, 16 billion barrels, at a minimum grade of 25 gal/ton, are located. Due to differences in kerogen type (compared to western shale) eastern oil shale requires different processing. Potential oil
The BF3, with three bonding pairs and zero nonbonding pairs on the central atom, is not polar. The ClF3, with five pairs about the central atom, is polar because of the two lone pairs. Give yourself 1 point for this explanation. c. You get 1 point for saying that the two compounds with the highest melting points are ionic and the other compounds are molecular. You get 1 point if you say that SrS is higher than KCl because the charges on the ions in SrS are higher. You get 1 point if you say H2O is higher than the lowest two because of hydrogen bonding. You get 1 point if you say H2S is higher than CH4 because H2S is polar and CH4 is nonpolar. There are a maximum of 11 points.
Note the call to Zend_Dojo::enableView in the previous listing. This method adds the Dojo view helper path to the Zend_View object; omitting it will usually result in an exception because Zend_View will be unable to find and load the required helper(s).
Windows Update Services (when available) or Software
buttons applet = new buttons();
Figure 2-3 Advantech offers a 56 Kbps modem in the Mini PCI form factor. Other vendors offer an integrated WiFi radio and antenna in this form factor.
Table 3-4 QoS-Related Internet Drafts
Response bias bias that stems from respondents
EXIT first_loop WHEN (i < 10);
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