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To support more comprehensive interoperability between the Windows platform and Novell NetWare, Microsoft provides a separate, stand-alone Windows Server-based interoperability product, Microsoft Services for NetWare. The utilities available in Windows Services For NetWare (SFN) version 5.03 include Microsoft Directory Synchronization Services (MSDSS), Microsoft File Migration Utility (MSFMU), and File and Print Services for NetWare (v.5). For more detailed information, see
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You should realize that log K = 4 gives a 4 4 K = 10 . This will give a K of about 10 (actually, 4 K = 1.1 10 ).
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EAP-TLS Acronym for Extensible Authentication Protocol-Transport Level Security, a protocol that provides for mutual authentication, integrity-protected cipher negotiation, and key exchange between two endpoints. EIRP Acronym for effective isotropic radiated power. Expresses the performance of a transmitting system in a given direction. EIRP is the power required by a system with an isotropic antenna to send the same amount of power in a given direction that would be required by a system with a directional antenna. EIRP is usually expressed in watts or dBW. EIRP is the sum of the power at the antenna input plus antenna gain, expressed in dBi. electromagnetic spectrum The full range of electromagnetic (same as magnetic) frequencies, a subset of which is used in commercial RF systems. EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility. A set of regulatory requirements set forth in most industrialized counties to minimize electronic interference between electrical devices. encapsulation Wrapping of data in a particular protocol header. For example, Ethernet data is wrapped in a specific Ethernet header before network transit. Also, when bridging dissimilar networks, the entire frame from one network is simply placed in the header used by the data-link layer protocol of the other network. encryption Application of a specific algorithm to data to alter the appearance of the data, making it incomprehensible to those who are not authorized to see the information. equalization Technique used to compensate for communications channel distortions. ESD Electro-static discharge; is a discharge of electrical energy between two devices with unequal electrical build up. It is more often than not an unwelcome event, and for electronic devices can induce partial or catastrophic electronic component failures. The feeling of a small electrical jolt when one grabs a door handle after crossing a carpet is a common ESD event. Ethernet Baseband LAN specification invented by Xerox Corporation and developed jointly by Xerox, Intel, and Digital Equipment Corporation. Ethernet networks use CSMA/CD and run over a variety of cable types at 10 Mbps. Ethernet is similar to the IEEE 802.3 series of standards. ETSI Acronym for European Telecommunication Standards Institute, an organization created by the European PTTs and the EC to propose telecommunications standards for Europe. Fast Ethernet Any of a number of 100 Mbps Ethernet specifications. Fast Ethernet offers a speed increase ten times that of the 10BaseT Ethernet specification, while preserving such qualities as frame format, MAC mechanisms, and multiple tenant unit (MTU). Such similarities allow the use of existing 10BaseT applications and network management tools on Fast Ethernet networks. It is based on an extension to the IEEE 802.3 specification. FCC Acronym for Federal Communications Commission, a U.S. government agency that supervises, licenses, and controls electronic and electromagnetic transmission standards.
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Any basic volume that was present on the disk when you converted the disk to dynamic by using Windows 2000. Simple volumes on which you run the DiskPart command retain. This command adds a partition entry to the partition table so that you can install Windows XP Professional on the simple volume. Note
mkdir E:\i386
The fee for taking the exam was $84 in 2008 but tends to go up each year. Students who demonstrate financial need may receive a $22 refund to help offset the cost of testing. In addition, for each fee-reduced exam, schools forgo their $8 rebate, so the final fee for these students is $54 per exam. Finally, most states offer exam subsidies to cover all or part of the cost. You can learn more about fee reductions and subsidies from the coordinator of your AP program or by checking specific information on the official website: There are also several optional fees that must be paid if you want your scores rushed to you or if you wish to receive multiple grade reports. The coordinator of the AP program at your school will inform you where and when you will take the exam. If you live in a small community, your exam may not be administered at your school, so be sure to get this information.
When you configure the client computers in your organization for ease of management, you also reduce support costs. This part provides in-depth information about how to configure and manage client computers in a variety of environments to help you get the most out of Microsoft Windows XP Professional.
If the files are typically smaller than the default cluster size (for example, 4 KB) and do not increase, use the default cluster size to reduce wasted disk space. However, smaller clusters can increase fragmentation, especially when files grow to fill more than one cluster. Therefore, adjust the cluster size accordingly when you format the volume. If the files you store tend to be large or increase in size, use 16-KB or 32-KB clusters instead of the default 4-KB cluster size. Note
enable them to implement a wireless strategy that protects their organization s critical digital assets while simultaneously providing competitive advantage. Wireless security cannot be assessed in a vacuum. Managers must understand the macroenvironment surrounding a particular technology. How mature is the market Are there regional differences This chapter was meant to provide a basic understanding of the wireless market around the world. In many cases, security (or lack of it) remains an issue or impediment to further growth of a particular wireless technology. Because it takes time for new standards and security solutions to be implemented and developed, it is important to know what options exist today. Ultimately, a successful wireless security strategy and policy should combine an understanding of the issues and risks raised in subsequent chapters with the market context and data provided in this chapter.
The 34 million acres of tropical forests destroyed annually release between 20% and 25% of total global CO2 emissions. Nitrous oxide is a stable atmospheric pollutant produced by combustion. Nitrogen and atmospheric moisture form nitric acid, which comes down as acid rain and acidifies lakes and soils, kills fish and animals, and damages forests. Ozone, an atmospheric bodyguard, has a crucial role in protecting life on Earth by absorbing the sun s ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Ultraviolet radiation breaks down the body s DNA and causes skin cancer and cataracts. The enhanced greenhouse effect caused by the burning of oil, coal, and natural gas increases global warming and changes the environment. Drifting on ocean currents, plankton use photosynthesis to produce energy and draw carbon out of the atmosphere. While building intricate calcium carbonate shells, they bind carbon as well. Major climatic change greatly affects local weather through the frequency and intensity of storms. Carbon sequestration removes and stores atmospheric carbon in carbon sinks (e.g., oceans, forests) through physical and biological processes like photosynthesis. If oceans become less effective in serving as a sink for human-produced carbon dioxide, atmospheric carbon dioxide buildup will accelerate. Global warming is causing shifts in species habitat and migrations averaging 6.1 kilometers per decade toward the poles. The EPA atmospheric inventory estimates, documents, and evaluates greenhouse gas emissions and sinks for all source categories. If business-as-usual industrial output doesn t change, global CO2 levels will double by the end of the 21st century. Roughly 84% of stratospheric chlorine comes from human-made sources, while only 16% comes from natural sources. Ozone reduction allows harmful UV radiation through the atmosphere, causing skin cancer, eye damage, and other harmful effects.
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Diversinet Corporation 2225 Sheppard Avenue East Suite 1700 Toronto, ON M2J 5C2 Canada (416) 756-2324 Ericsson Cyberlab NY 55 Broad Street 16th Floor New York, NY 10004 (212) 612-1299 Everypath, Inc. 2211 North First Street Suite 200 San Jose, CA 95131 (408) 562-8000 Extended Systems 5777 N. Meeker Avenue Boise, ID 83713 (208) 322-7575 Fujitsu PC Corporation 5200 Patrick Henry Drive Santa Clara, CA 95054 (408) 982-9500 Geoworks Corporation 960 Atlanta Avenue Alameda, CA 94501 (510) 814-5811 Global Wireless Data, LLC 3000-B Business Park Drive Norcross, GA 30071 (770) 447-4990
What Is PPPoE You might have noticed the reference to Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) when you selected the type of connection that you wanted to create. PPPoE is a type of broadband Internet connection that is not always connected, but instead requires a user name and password to be sent each time the user wants to connect. PPPoE is designed for users on a LAN (using standard Ethernet) who access the Internet over an Ethernet network through a broadband connection. In other words, Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), which is used on the Internet, functions over Ethernet to provide Internet access to these users. With PPPoE, each user can have a different access configuration, even though they all reside on the same LAN.
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