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So that you understand the bigger picture, I ll first introduce the application you ll modify and explain why it uses correlation. The classic example of a correlated workflow is an order-processing system that uses unique customer IDs to keep track of customer orders. But I wanted a different example if only to be different. This chapter s sample application simulates an application a trucking company might use to track its vehicles. Today, many long-haul trucks are equipped a with Global Positioning System (GPS) that is able to report the truck s position to the shipping company. Wherever the truck happens to be, you can track it and monitor its progress towards its destination. This sample simulates that type of tracking application, the user interface for which is shown in Figure 17-1. Four trucks are shown, traveling to various destinations (as indicated by the Active Trucks list). The trucks themselves are animated, moving from origin to destination. As they arrive at their destination, they re removed from the list of active trucks.
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note You can view all offline files and folders by opening the Offline Files folder or by clicking the View Files button on the Offline Files tab found in Folder Options.
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dataObject = new dataClass(5);
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Let s identify the parts in the preceding XML code. The link element is mylink. xlink is the namespace the parser uses to identify attributes used in this statement. Each xlink is associated with an attribute.
addition, Board members should become a source of acquisiion ideas and contacts and be able to assist in closing deals. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a CEO in managing in a particular Endgames stage. The Board must ensure that the CEO has the appropriate skill set to lead the transition from one Endgames stage to another and, if necessary, determine if the CEO should be replaced. Thinking carefully about how to appropriately reward a CEO in each Endgames stage. Best practice suggests that big payouts or tying compensation to the number or size of deals completed should be avoided at all costs. Rather, focusing on the health and success of a company s core business should continue to be the focal point.
2 * Integer.parseInt(elem2.getAttribute ("RADIUS"));
I mentioned this very early in the book, but I haven t really reinforced this basic concept workflows model processes. Therefore, we need to be able to model a wide variety of realworld situations, including the case where we need to throw an exception. Suppose that something along the way wasn t quite right, and the situation was not one our software could deal with in any other way than to throw an exception. We could, if we wanted, just throw an exception using the C# throw keyword, but using a special activity for this allows us to also use a special activity for handling exceptions, as we ll see in the next section. If we use the C# throw keyword, the workflow runtime swallows the exception, with no notice given. This behavior is the reason for the Throw activity. When the workflow runtime encounters the Throw activity, the workflow runtime fires the WorkflowTerminated event if there is no associated fault handler. However, keep in mind that, by then, the workflow instance is terminated and the workflow runtime is halted. It s far too late to make any attempt to correct the exceptional condition at that point. We can only restart the workflow runtime and kick off a new
Connecting Windows 98 and Windows Me Clients To connect Windows 98 and Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (Me) clients to a Windows Small Business Server 2003 network, configure TCP/IP, install Windows Small Business Server clients, and connect to network printers and the shared fax service.
Group Policy settings available and even more are organized into subfolders.
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