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Melissa Spellman 11 South Ferry Way Springfield, MI 91120 515-645-2727
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Short-Message Service Functions
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Part 2 Wireless Technologies and Applications
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18. Which point on the diagram below might represent the normal melting point
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3. If the information you provided is correct and the novice confirms the preceding prompt, a terminal window appears and displays the novice s desktop. You can now use the Remote Assistance Chat window to send or receive text messages. Although you can view the remote computer s desktop content, you are initially in readonly mode and are not able to move windows or manipulate on-screen objects, such as the Start menu or desktop icons, until the novice gives you permission to do so. 4. To interact with the novice s desktop, click Take Control, and then ask the novice to confirm the Allow Expert Interaction button in the Remote Assistance window. After the novice clicks this button, you and the novice share access to the novice s desktop, and you can now interact with on-screen objects by using your local mouse and keyboard. At any time, the novice can restrict you to view-only mode by pressing a userdefined hot key (by default, the ESC key).
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The Automated System Recovery (ASR) tool, an advanced option of the Backup Tool (NTBackup.exe), is new in Windows XP Professional. The ASR feature replaces the Emergency Repair Disk found in Windows 2000 and Windows NT 4.0. Use ASR to restore your system only if other disaster recovery tools are unavailable. ASR allows you to restore the operating system to a previous state so that you can start Windows XP Professional when other recovery methods do not work. For example, disk damage might prevent you from starting Windows XP Professional in normal or safe mode, or it might prevent you from using Recovery Console and Last Known Good Configuration. ASR gives you another way to start your system.
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There are many different types of network and access signaling protocols. However, both network and access signaling protocols can be cate-
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Always back up the ISA Server configuration before making any changes. If your configuration changes cause problems, you can quickly return to a known good working configuration by restoring the backup you made before you started.
Call Processing Functions
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NSAP PNNI Signaling PNNI Routing
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