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This writer reminds her boss of the productive changes she s implemented. Nice touch!
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You can use the free Microsoft Printer Migrator utility (also called the Print Migrator) to back up, restore, or migrate print server settings including printer drivers and print queues. This utility makes moving to a new server much easier simply back up the print server configuration on the old server and restore it to the new one even when the servers are running different versions of Windows. (Don t try to restore a Windows Server 2003 print server configuration on a Windows NT 4.0 server, though). To use this program, you can download it from the Microsoft Web site. Then launch the program (Figure 11-14) and choose Backup from the Actions menu. This saves the configuration to a compressed .CAB file. Move the .CAB file to the desired server and run Printer Migrator again, this time choosing Restore from the Actions menu. Voil ! The settings and drivers are restored. (Keep in mind that if you migrate from Windows NT 4.0, you ll want to promptly upgrade the migrated level 2 drivers to native level 3 drivers for maximum stability.)
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As discussed in the previous section, Zend_Cache offers a number of different cache frontends and backends, each designed for a different purpose. Tables 12-1 and 12-2 provide a list. A few examples are useful to illustrate how these can be used in an MVC application. Consider, for example, the Class and Function frontends, which make it possible to cache computationally expensive procedures so as to reduce server load. Here s an example of the Class frontend in action:
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Final Preparation
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d.reportError(e, System.out);
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3 Choose a synchronization option. You can choose to synchronize only when
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Reducing the Time Required to Run Chkdsk on NTFS Volumes
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Figure 13.11 Transferring the state of the SMSDPF by using the SMSMWI parameter during the location update and location cancellation processes: (1) A new MS moves into its service area; therefore, the serving MSC requests location update in the HLR. (2) The HLR has stored location information for the MS; therefore, it requests location cancellation from the previous serving system. (3) The previous serving MSC deletes the temporary MS record and sends an acknowledgment to the HLR. It includes the SMSMWI parameter if the SMSDPF is set. (4) The HLR acknowledges the location update and relays the SMSMWI parameter to the new serving system. (5) When the new serving system receives the SMSMWI parameter, it sets the SMSDPF.
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Freeze Display Update Data Help
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then prints a separator page that includes the account name, job number, date, and time.
network regardless of whether the call is mobile originated or mobile terminated. In wire-line networks the disconnection is normally under control of the calling party. Call release involves the release of resources used to establish and maintain the call so that they can be available for other calls. These resources include lines, trunks, and stored-program control switch resources such as timers, memory, and real-time software processes. Call Features Call features (also known as supplementary services) are services provided to wireless subscribers that offer variations on the basic service. Basic service refers to the ability of a subscriber to make or receive calls. In fact, in ANSI-41 networks, the ability of a subscriber to receive calls while roaming is considered to be a feature, known as call delivery. The ANSI-41 protocol provides intersystem operations to support the application of many call features for wireless subscribers during roaming and intersystem handoff. Call features typically enhance the way a call is treated and can apply to mobile-originated and mobile-terminated calls. Some features affect only the wireless subscriber, and others affect the other party, or parties, involved in the call. Examples of the more conventional call features are call forwarding, call waiting, three-way calling, and calling party number identification. An example of a mobile-terminated feature is call forwarding, since the calls originally intended for the wireless subscriber are to be redirected to another termination point. An example of a mobile-originated feature is three-way calling since it allows a mobile subscriber to originate a new call while already engaged in a call.
note Any orphaned files will not update changes to their original documents on your main
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