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Manual Plug and Play detection is similar to automatic Plug and Play detection in that Windows XP Professional completes printer installation. However, you must restart your computer to prompt the automatic installation or use the Add Hardware Wizard to prompt your computer to detect the printer. When you restart the computer or use the Add Hardware Wizard, Windows XP Professional updates your computer, allocates resources, and installs drivers. If drivers for the printer are not available, you are prompted to provide them.
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In this chapter, you learned about breakpoints; about different techniques to step into, step over, and step out of the source code; and about data visualizers to see the data in the most pertinent way based on its content or context. You also learned how to work with a DLL. You discovered that you can use the Edit and Continue feature to modify variables at run time and continue the execution. You learned how you can move the next instruction pointer to re-execute some lines of code. You also started to deal with exceptions and learned the dos and don ts of debugging. You saw how subtle bugs can find their way in usually because of distractions and sometimes simply because you don t possess all of the knowledge and experience yet but that s OK. Don t worry; you re in a process called learning. In the next chapter, you ll learn about using databases, working with ADO.NET, using LINQ, and manipulating data to and from a Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition database. You ll learn how to use this data to populate controls on a Windows form. You ll also learn how to create an application to add, modify, delete, and visualize rows in a car tracker application.
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Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition: Build a Program Now!
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Working with Forms
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A breakpoint is a simple way to specify a complex trigger expression. A breakpoint behaves similar to a breakpoint in a software debugger except that a breakpoint in the debugger does not stop the hardware. A breakpoint in the debugger represents a trigger condition that causes all instrumented signal values to be captured and sent to the debugger. Figure 18-9 shows the breakpoint selected at the source line where current_state equals Load12. To activate this trigger, click on the Run button. Clicking the Run button will download this trigger selection to the IICE hardware on the device and arm the trigger to sample data. When signal current_state obtains the value Load12, the breakpoint triggers and the sample buffer is sent to the debugger through the JTAG port of the device. The actual signal values are displayed on the source code as shown in Figure 18-10. Notice that the value of current_state is Load12. All the rest of the signals contain values captured when current_state changed to the value Load12 and the trigger condition was met. With this capability a designer can use breakpoints to see the actual behavior of the real hardware to make sure that the design is behaving properly.
The section opens with <![CDATA[ and ends with ]]>. Data appears between them. The data between the tags is passed to the application without any translation or interpretation. In this case,
while (enum.hasMoreElements()) {
Since 1998, DES has been replaced with Triple DES (3DES), which is based on the DES algorithm, making it very easy to modify existing software to accommodate the new standard. It also has the advantage of proven reliability and a longer key length that eliminates many of the shortcut attacks that can be used to reduce the amount of time it takes to break DES. Even this more powerful version of DES has had a limited life span owing to the increasing processing power of today s computers, and Triple DES is being replaced by AES. In December 2001, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announced approval of AES, which specifies the Rijndael symmetric encryption algorithm developed by two Belgian cryptographers. Experts claim that the algorithm is small, fast, and very hard to crack, estimating that it would take 149 trillion years to crack a single 128-bit AES key using today s computers. The use of AES in wireless devices involves hardware for the processingintensive encryption process, so older devices may not be upgradeable in many cases. Devices using the AES algorithm still can interoperate with the older devices, but must use the weaker security technologies. AES is optimized for speed and efficiency in the use of memory and system resources, allowing even today s handheld computers to take advantage of it (see Figure 7-2).
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A namespace is a simple method of bringing multiple definitions and vocabularies into a single XML document. In addition, a namespace declaration (xmlns:) provides an alias that helps separate and identify data element types from different external locations. The namespace addresses many issues. By using a namespace, a developer can reuse an existing schema in the current document. Rather than reinventing the wheel, the developer can save time and effort by building from previous work. In fact, rather than using an internal schema, the namespace can reference an external schema. External schemas may include data element types that already exist in the current XML document. The namespace alias clearly identifies the origin of
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