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// action to display list of catalog items public function indexAction() { // set filters and validators for GET input $filters = array( 'page' => array('HtmlEntities', 'StripTags', 'StringTrim') ); $validators = array( 'page' => array('Int') ); $input = new Zend_Filter_Input($filters, $validators); $input->setData($this->getRequest()->getParams()); // test if input is valid // create query and set pager parameters if ($input->isValid()) { $q = Doctrine_Query::create() ->from('Square_Model_Item i') ->leftJoin('i.Square_Model_Grade g') ->leftJoin('i.Square_Model_Country c') ->leftJoin('i.Square_Model_Type t'); $perPage = 5; $numPageLinks = 5; // initialize pager $pager = new Doctrine_Pager($q, $input->page, $perPage); // execute paged query $result = $pager->execute(array(), Doctrine::HYDRATE_ARRAY); // initialize pager layout $pagerRange = new Doctrine_Pager_Range_Sliding( array('chunk' => $numPageLinks), $pager); $pagerUrlBase = $this->view->url( array(), 'admin-catalog-index', 1) . "/{%page}"; $pagerLayout = new Doctrine_Pager_Layout( $pager, $pagerRange, $pagerUrlBase); // set page link display template $pagerLayout->setTemplate('<a href="{%url}">{%page}</a>'); $pagerLayout->setSelectedTemplate( '<span class="current">{%page}</span>'); $pagerLayout->setSeparatorTemplate(' '); // set view variables $this->view->records = $result; $this->view->pages = $pagerLayout->display(null, true);
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Personal Interests or Information
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The Add User Wizard is available from the To Do List, or you can launch Server Management from the Start menu, click Users, and click Add A User or Add Multiple Users in the details pane. More Info See 9 for all the details about adding and configuring user accounts, managing groups, and user profiles. Managing client computers is the subject of 12.
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6. Bring Together Diverse Threads into a Summary Surely you want to draw together the discussion at the end, but consider including mini-reviews throughout longer and meatier discussions.
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Behavioral Modeling
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45 48 5.0 6.0 0.4 0.6 36 48 0.05 0.2 0.14 0.9 0.69 1.3 0.1 0.6
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Williams Holdings PLC
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1.6 Mbps with HomeRF 1.0 10 Mbps with HomeRF 2.0 25 Mbps with HomeRF 3.0 (future) Covers up to 150 feet for typical home and yard Up to 127 Up to 4 active handsets Blowfish encryption algorithm (over 1 trillion codes) LZRW3-A algorithm Enables concurrent operation of multiple co-located networks
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Peer-to-Peer Computing
Recently in Chicago, a customer s car was vandalized while parked at a White Sox game. The customer had reported the claim the following morning on the phone and was told an appraiser would try to see the vehicle later that day. However, the appraiser Ken Smith was able to get to the site that morning by picking up his assignment wirelessly in his car. Smith went directly to the location, met the customer, inspected the vehicle, completed his estimate and issued a draft by 10:30 AM. Smith says that the wireless connection has paid off many times. He s had customers ask, How did you get here so fast " As network coverage expands, COUNTRY Insurance and Financial Services plans to roll out the wireless service to all of its 150 appraisers. And using middleware, ADP CSG will add support for complementary wireless networks, such as satellite, as well as new devices in the near future.
send faxes by printing to the Windows Small Business Server Shared Fax service.
Network Connectivity
Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel Recovery Console
Table 4-3 Sequential
Part III:
In this example, we indicate that the system identifier for the DTD file is dtdexternal.dtd; note the SYSTEM keyword, which we use to indicate that the following term is a system identifier: < XML version="1.0" >
<Window xmlns= http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation xmlns:x= http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml x:Class= MyOwnWpfBrowser.Navigate
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