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Figure 6-16.
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Ocean Energy Inc
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weather report on the television; and bringing healthcare information to patients instead of requiring that patients visit clinics or doctor s offices to get information on the side-effects of prescriptions, for example. Mobility enables the IT platform to be brought to the inventory instead of processing the inventory through machinery or other portals. This is flow-based control in its most efficient variant.
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By rethinking the business process(es) of the enterprise, IT managers can develop an effective plan for using wireless data today.
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Managing Network Authentication
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to ensure that your knowledge workers are basing their business decisions on the appropriate information. What if your engineers are designing exactly what you told them to design, but they are using last week s diagram What if your legal team is finalizing a contract, but you just recently renegotiated for better terms What if your sales people are presenting a product strategy to an important customer, but upper management changed that PowerPoint presentation last month What if your salesperson is putting a quote together for a customer using an outdated price list If people cannot find authoritative information, they will make bad decisions. After enough bad decisions, they will grow to distrust your content management system, and ultimately revert to a manual process for gathering information. This includes multiple phone calls and multiple meetings, to slowly and painfully ensure that everyone is on the same page. Some of this is a technology problem: your system needs to make it easy for people to find authoritative information, and ideally that information would notify you when it s out of date. However, it is also a cultural problem: people need to see the value of information sharing, and the importance of keeping documents up to date. This single source of truth is a vital component of any enterprise content management system, and should be a primary part of the architecture. You can also use client-side tools to help syndicate content to the desktop, and help notify users when their documents are out of date. See s 4 and 6 for extended discussions of the technical aspects, and the end of 3 for some solutions to the social aspects. For now, keep in mind the following questions:
Paging, Sorting, and Uploading Data
Starting Command-Line Tools and Logging Output
Low rank coals 47% Lignite 17% Subbituminous 30%
TG1 defines a wireless interface (PHY) that operates in the 10 to 66 GHz range with data rates of 2 to 155 Mbps. The standard uses Demand Assignment Multiple Access with Time Division Multiple Access (DAMA-TDMA). DAMA provides dynamic capacity assignment. This work has been completed, and the 802.16 standard was approved in December 2001.
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