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5 Using Rapid Application Development Tools with Visual C# 2008
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Table 5-3
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Managing Desktops
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computer to a network. This device is sometimes called an adapter card or network interface card.
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G Click Actions, Start Whiteboard. Select the contact(s) you want to hold
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H0: Month of birth and draft number are independent. HA: Month of birth and draft number are not independent.
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You can enable ICF quickly and easily using a single check box. Follow these steps:
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A wireless print server provides an easy solution for attaching a printer to a wireless network. Instead of risking printing bottlenecks by attaching a printer to one of the computers on the network, the printer can be placed anywhere in the range of other wireless devices and in a more convenient location accessible to all users. A wireless print server overcomes another downside to printer sharing in that the PC to which a printer is attached must be turned on in order for other computers to send print requests. There is also a performance hit on the host computer while other PCs are using the attached printer. The wireless print server looks much like an AP, except that it hooks up to a printer with a parallel cable. The antenna provides the wireless link to desktop computers, notebooks, and handheld devices equipped with WiFi cards. The printer server has an RJ45 jack for an Ethernet connection, which is used to configure the device through a web browser. Print jobs are controlled from each user s computer or by the network administrator with a remote management utility. By enabling flexible office layouts and easy moves, wireless print servers are an ideal solution for dynamic environments. By going wireless, companies are able to avoid costly moves and network modifications to relocate printers from one area to another. Employees do not need to consider such configuration problems when putting in new workgroups. This gives companies more flexibility to do anything they want without having to worry about physical constraints.
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Managing Devices
outstream = new FileOutputStream("birds.xml");
import java.util.Enumeration;
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ve reviewed the basic tenets of value investing. Now it s time for the big question: Which companies qualify as value companies, and how does a value investor know what to look for Even though value companies come in all sizes and from a wide variety of different industries they tend to have some key characteristics in common. This chapter begins with a discussion of these basic value traits. Next, you ll learn about assorted areas where attractive investment opportunities often congregate. Finally, the chapter turns the tables and examines company-level red flags that can help value investors recognize companies to avoid. Don t worry if, at the beginning, the factors discussed seem overly general or vague. In subsequent chapters you ll find more in-depth tests of a company s investment fitness, as well as information on which research tools belong in a value investor s toolbox.
What Is Short-message Service
as furnace pilot lights. For this reason, regulations require that the gas from large landfills be controlled, usually by the drilling of wells into the landfill and establishing a system of collection pipes to draw the gas out of the landfill. As a result of the slight vacuum used in these collection systems, air may be drawn in adding another contaminant to the methane, particularly in wells near the perimeter of the landfill. Most of this gas is flared, but over the last 20 years an increasing number of landfill operators have found ways to convert a liability into an asset by using landfill gas to produce energy for sale. In addition, regulations implemented under the Clean Air Act require that an estimated many large landfills install gas collection and control systems, which means that at the very least they will have to collect and flare the gas. The EPA estimates that another 600 landfills have the potential to support gas to energy projects. This represents a good opportunity for the use of technology that will enable the economical enrichment of landfill gas to pipeline quality gas without reliance on an off-and-on a tax credit. A landfill gas facility (Figs. 12.1 and 12.2) will typically consist of gas well fields, a gasprocessing plant, and a gas delivery pipeline to the customer. This will allow (a) recovery of the crude gas being generated within the landfill, (b) the ability to process the gas to produce medium-Btu gas (about 500 Btu/ft3), and (c) delivery to a pipeline of specification gas. At the facility, the gas is drawn from the wells and sent to a main collection header and thence to the processing plant. Vapor-liquid separators are used to separate water and any liquid condensate from the gas. The condensate is usually a mixture of hydrocarbons that resembles contaminated gasoline or kerosene. Further vapor contaminant removal is accomplished by solvent scrubbing. The crude gas is compressed and then cooled and scrubbed by countercurrent solvent flow.
Creating a free newsletter with insider information and educational material about your niche can pump up sales handsomely. Valuable information about your products and your business is like a gift to your customers, and it s a gift that gives back to you. It draws them back to your business, it piques their interest in your products, and it encourages them to purchase more from you. It s a highly profitable endeavor that creates a reciprocal relationship you give them information and they give you their business. Don t think of a newsletter as a way to overwhelm your customers and prospects with advertising, though. It s just a way to establish a dialog with your audience. Use the medium to help customers learn more about your industry and the uses for your products. Make it practical and down to earth. Forget about overt pitches and heavy-handed marketing speak. You can also initiate a dialog in which you ask customers about their needs or conduct polls. When you write newsletters that provide valuable information, your readers learn more about your business, and you do, too!
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