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As described in 6, the major function of ADH is to increase the permeability of the cortical and medullary collecting ducts to water, thereby decreasing the excretion of water. In addition to this effect, ADH also increases sodium reabsorption by the cortical collecting duct, one of the same segments influenced by aldosterone. This effect is particularly evident when plasma aldosterone is elevated, and ADH s action seems to synergize with the action of this steroid hormone. This makes teleological sense because, as discussed later, the secretion of ADH, like that of aldosterone, is stimulated when plasma volume is reduced.
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Parts from the pop-up menu, and click Browse. Locate the desired Web Part from the Add Web Parts tool pane (Figure 17-7) and then drag it to the desired location on the page. When dragging a Web Part on the page, acceptable locations will be indicated with a blue rectangle appearing around the Web Part. A thick blue line indicates where the top of the Web Part will be positioned. When finished, click the Close button in the top right corner of the Add Web Parts tool pane.
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Management Task Manage Internet Explorer configuration settings after deployment. Active Directory Internet Explorer Maintenance in the Group Policy MMC snap-in (called Group Policy Object Editor in Windows Server 2003). Internet Explorer Maintenance deployed using the LGPO. Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK). Apply scripts during user logon/logoff and computer startup/shutdown. Centrally manage users folders and files on the network. Centrally manage user settings on the network. Logon/logoff and startup/shutdown scripts can be centrally configured using Group Policy or independently through the LGPO. Folder Redirection in conjunction with Offline Files and Folders. Roaming User Profiles. LGPO Non Active Directory LGPO IEAK
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