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Note that we didn't include a DTD in the above XML document example. That's because if you use attributes and include a DTD, you must declare the attributes in an attribute list, the AttlistDecl
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As companies move from Stage 2 to Stage 3, the strategic emphasis shifts from speed to finesse. The deals become fewer and farther between, but each one carries significantly more weight. The room to misstep, while never great, continues to shrink. In fact, the space to maneuver in general is decidedly tighter. As a result, players entering the Focus Stage must develop new strategies: gobbling up competitors to gain scale no longer works, simply because there are fewer and fewer competitors to gobble. Thus, while mastering merger integration gets companies through Stage 3, it won t get them to Stage 4. To find out what does, let s move on.
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System Files Reference
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Part 3: Network Connectivity
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Performing Advanced Tasks
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Sanmina Corp
Implementing the XML Linking Language
Microwave Wireless
off without damaging the pages when he wanted to remove them. 3M began distributing Post-it Notes nationwide in 1980 10 years after Silver developed this weak adhesive. Today they are one of the most popular of ce products available.
and choose Properties.
The 2 kidneys lie outside the peritoneal cavity close to the posterior abdominal wall, 1 on each side of the vertebral column. Each of the 2 kidneys is a beanshaped structure. The rounded, outer convex surface of each kidney faces the side of the body, and the indented surface, called the hilum, is medial. Each hilum is penetrated by a renal artery, renal vein, nerves, and a ureter, which carries urine out of the kidney to the bladder. Each ureter within a kidney is formed from funnel-like structures called major calyces, which, in turn, are formed from minor calyces. The minor calyces fit over underlying cone-shaped renal tissue called pyramids. The tip of each pyramid is called a papilla and projects into a minor calyx. The calyces act as collecting cups for the urine formed by the renal tissue in the pyramids. The pyramids are arranged radially around the hilum, with the papillae pointing toward the hilum and the broad bases of the pyramids facing the outside, top, and bottom of the kidney (from the 12-o clock to the 6-o clock position). The pyramids constitute the medulla of the kidney. Overlying the medullary tissue is a cortex, and covering the cortical tissue on the very external surface of the kidney is a thin connective tissue capsule (Figure 1 1). The working tissue mass of both the cortex and medulla is constructed almost entirely of tubules (nephrons and collecting tubules) and blood vessels (capillaries and capillary-like vessels). Tubules and blood vessels are intertwined (something like a plateful of spaghetti) or arranged in parallel arrays (like bundles of soda straws) and, in either case, are always close to each other. Between the tubules and blood vessels lies an interstitium, which comprises less than 10% of the renal volume. The interstitium contains fluid and scattered interstitial cells (fibroblasts and others) that synthesize an extracellular matrix of collagen, proteoglycans, and glycoproteins. The cortex and medulla have very different properties both structurally and functionally. On closer examination, we see that (1) the cortex has a highly granular appearance, absent in the medulla, and (2) each medullary pyramid is divisible into an outer zone (adjacent to the cortex) and an inner zone, which includes the papilla. All these distinctions reflect the arrangement of the various tubules and blood vessels.
You get 1 point for showing the products being lower than the reactants. You get 1 point for labeling the activation energy. You get 1 point for correctly labeling H. Total your points for the different parts. There are 10 possible points. Subtract one point if you did not report the correct number of significant figures in part (c). Question 3. (a) H rxn = [4( 393.5) + 2( 241.83) + 2(0)] [4(135) + 5(0)] = 2598 kJ The setup (products reactants) is worth 1 point, and the answer is worth 1 point. You do not need to get the exact answer, but you should be able to round to this one. (b) S rxn = [4(213.7) + 2(188.72) + 2(191.5)] [4(201.7) + 5(205.0)] = 216.6 J/K The setup (products reactants) is worth 1 point, and the answer is worth 1 point. You do not need to get the exact answer, but yours should round to this one. (c) G rxn = H rxn T S rxn = 2598 kJ (298 K)(l kJ/1000J)( 216.6 J/K) = 2533 kJ The setup (putting values into the equation) is worth 1 point if you remember to change the temperature to kelvin and convert joules to kilojoules. An additional 1 point comes from the answer. If you got the wrong value in either part (a) or (b), but used it correctly, you will still get the point for the answer. The free-energy equation is part of the material supplied in the exam booklet. (d) This requires a repeat of parts (a) (c) using the values for H2O(l). H rxn = [4( 393.5) + 2( 285.84) + 2(0)] [4(135) + 5(0)] = 2686 kJ S rxn = [4(213.7) + 2(69.94) + 2(191.5)] [4(201.7) + 5(205.0)] = 454.1 J/K
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