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you can reference it later if necessary. You can, however, open this folder and delete messages. If you don t want to save copies of your sent mail, open the Options dialog box and, on the Send tab, clear the Save Copy Of Sent Messages In The Sent Items Folder option.
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You get 1 point for this graph. You must show two regions. (d) 1. Weigh a sample of HA. 2. Titrate HA versus standard NaOH to find the volume of NaOH solution required to neutralize the acid. 3. Multiply the concentration of the NaOH solution times the volume used to get the moles of NaOH. 4. The moles of HA is the same as the moles of NaOH. 5. Divide the mass of HA by the moles of HA. You get 2 points if you list all five steps. If you miss one or more steps you get only 1 point. You get 0 points if you get none of the steps correct. There are no bonus points for more steps or more details. (e) If the KHP contained an inert impurity, the concentration of the NaOH solution would be too low. If the concentration of the NaOH solution were too low, then more solution would be needed for the titration of HA. This would yield a lower number of moles of HA, giving a higher molar mass.
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A site survey should be conducted before installing a wireless network and should be done on the actual site under normal operating conditions with all wireless devices present. Such a survey is important because radio frequency (RF) behavior varies with the physical properties of the site and cannot be predicted accurately without doing a site survey. For example, construction materials like steel and wood absorb RF energy to varying degrees, as do objects with water content. The presence of microwave ovens, cordless phones, and the latest generation of fluorescent lighting can also interfere with 2.4 GHz signals, as can the RF signals from nearby WiFi networks. Interference may be continuous or intermittent. Continuous interference is noticed when the link is first put into operation, but intermittent interference can occur unexpectedly at any time, such as when a microwave oven in the employee snack room is suddenly turned on. The remedy for this situation might be as simple as moving the WiFi device out of range of the microwave oven. Over a larger distance, however, it may be difficult to determine if interference is even present and to what extent it may be causing performance problems. The first step is to find out if the receive signal level is adequate at both ends; this measurement will reflect both the desired and undesired (interference) signals being received. If the Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) is correct and interference is suspected, the Signal-to-Interference Noise Ratio (SINR) should then be measured at each end of the system. This parameter and the received signal strength can be plotted and tracked as a function of time by using the radio histogram feature provided with the manufacturer s site-planning tool. The two parameters can then be tracked simultaneously and correlated with observations of the degraded performance. For example, if the received signal strength remains consistently good and the SINR exhibits periods of abnormally poor readings, the link performance (the error rate and so on) should be checked during the periods of poor SINR. If a correlation takes place, this confirms that the link is indeed being affected by interference. When the RSSI is adequate at both ends, interference will usually be intermittent. The most effective way to diagnose interference is to use a spectrum analyzer. The analyzer shows a visual image of the frequency band of interest, highlighting interfering signals, if they exist. The toughest cases involve sources of interference that are turned on and off at irregular intervals. For
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What happened just before the problem occurred What hardware was recently installed Are driver and firmware revisions current What software or system file updates were made Are the software revisions current Does the software and hardware configuration match the documented configuration If not, try to determine the differences. Did you examine the event logs for clues to the problem Gather baseline information or compare to a reference system: Did this application or hardware work correctly in the past What has changed since then Does the application or hardware work correctly on another computer If so, what is different on that computer Generate performance data by using the Performance tool or benchmark programs. If previous baselines exist, compare current and past performance. Use a common report format such as a database to record information. Make a detailed record of all the work done to correct the problem for future reference. Record who, what, when, and why and identify positive and negative cause and effect. Evaluate the results: Was the work done efficiently Was the solution effective What remains unresolved When a solution was implemented, was system performance restored to expected levels What processes can be changed or implemented to prevent the problem from recurring Are systems being adequately monitored Can this problem be caught early if it happens again What additional information, tools, or tests are needed
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Automated Maintenance and Management
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Workflow Processing
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When a forested area is cut down completely, it is known as clear-cutting. Old-growth forests are those that have never been harvested, with trees between 200 and 2,000 years old. Forest floor leaf litter and fallen logs provide habitat for interdependent animals, birds, amphibians, insects, bacteria, and fungi adapted to each other over geological time. When the forests are cleared, plants, animals, birds, and insects are displaced or destroyed, causing a loss of biodiversity and often extinction. Forests are mainly divided into temperate (moderate climate) or tropical regions. Temperate forests are grouped into conifers (needle-leaf trees) like pine, spruce, redwood, cedar, fir, sequoia, and hemlock, while tropical forests contain flat-leaf trees. Old-growth forests contain mostly conifers. Second- and third-growth forests contain trees of the same age and size as some of the younger old-growth trees, but have far fewer plant and animal species. Land overuse can come from economic circumstances, poor land laws, or cultural customs. Some biological species need fire to clear undergrowth, allowing these species to reproduce, and new sprouts to survive. When topsoil is blown or washed away, the remaining land s physical structure and biochemical makeup are changed.
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