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Wired Network
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ANSI-41 takes a much more simplified approach. Although it is not formally described in any TIA document, we can consider the ANSI-41 stage 2 process to involve only two steps: ANSI-41 step 1 Use the ANSI-41 network reference model (described in 4) as the functional basis for providing the service. Define new FEs only in cases where (a) the existing ANSI-41 FEs do not already encompass the required service-providing functions or (b) it is not desirable to add the required new functions to the existing ANSI-41 FEs. When a new FE is required, the ANSI-41 network reference model must be updated. The addition of authentication functions to ANSI-41 is an example of this step. In this case, a new FE, called the authentication center (AC), was added to the ANSI-41 network reference model rather than add the required authentication functions to the HLR FE s responsibilities; conversely, authentication functions were added to the existing VLR FE rather than create yet another new FE. ANSI-41 step 2 Describe the required information flows between FEs in terms of existing or proposed ANSI-41 messages and parameters, as opposed to the Q.65 approach whereby an intermediate, abstract representation of the required information flows is defined and then mapped to actual messages and parameters in stage 3. Furthermore, ANSI-41 stage 2 information flow descriptions are in the form of pingpong diagrams, with accompanying text to describe what is happening in each step (see Figure 7.4). The more formal SDL diagram technique is not employed. As we can see, the ANSI-41 approach to stage 2 is similar to that of Q.65 in some aspects but different in others not necessarily better or worse, but definitely different. Given its track record, we must assume that the approach is good enough for the job. Stage 3 Protocols and Procedures The I.130 goal of stage 3 the design of the messages, parameters, and procedures required for the service in question is common to the ANSI41 approach. In fact, I.130 does not go into any detail regarding message
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Many networking features are identical in Windows XP Professional and Windows XP Home Edition. The main differences involve connection limits and simplification. While Windows XP Professional allows up to 10 simultaneous file-sharing connections, Windows XP Home Edition allows up to five connections only. Note For critical details about the connection limits for each version of Windows XP, see the End User License Agreement (EULA) included with the operating system.
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Can I use Zend_Auth to grant or deny access to application resources on the basis of user roles or privileges No. As the Zend Framework manual points out, Zend_Auth is concerned with user authentication (verifying that a user is who he or she claims to be) and not with user access control (verifying that a user has rights to access specific application resources). In practical terms, this means that once authenticated, a user can access any or all of the protected actions; the system does not allow for fine-grained control over which user has access to which action(s). If your application needs to control access to specific actions based on user roles, you should consider using the Zend_Acl component instead.
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In this chapter, you took a simple application and upgraded it to create a professionallooking application with many nice features for your users. You added a splash screen to your application and worked with dialog boxes. You created an About dialog box and a Navigate dialog box to allow your users to navigate to a URL, and you added an autocomplete feature to your text boxes and the autosuggest/append feature using the browser s URL history. You then added tool strips, progress bars, and icons from Windows. You dynamically managed controls, and you learned a lot about new events and how to handle them using event arguments. After finishing the Windows Forms implementation, you learned how to add a second project and created your WPF Web browser. While doing this, you experimented with XAML and the WPF development technique. You implemented a dialog box that allowed you to enter a URL and navigate to it. You then learned how to use a Windows Forms control and use it in WPF to create a hybrid application. In the next chapter, you ll learn techniques to use when things don t go well; that is, you ll learn the art of debugging code. You ll also learn about the Edit and Continue feature, data visualizers, tips and tricks, and much more.
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The keys included in a log message serve a dual purpose: They can also be used as format specifiers to create a custom format string for log messages. The Zend_Log_Formatter_Simple object uses this format string to control the format in which log messages are written to the destination. Format specifiers are enclosed in percentage (%) symbols (see the very first code listing in this section for an example).
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Most tools that work on a design with multiple data descriptions have a project manager to keep all of the files for that design in one place. This facilitates file management of the design. The first step in the place and route process is to set up a project. In the case of the Quartus environment, the project is usually named the same as the output EDIF file from synthesis. The Quartus user interface is shown in Figure 16-5. Selecting the File Project Wizard menu item will bring up a wizard that walks the user through the creation of a new project. The first pane
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Temporary storage used by a computer to run programs that need more memory than it has. For example, programs could have access to 4 gigabytes (GB) of virtual memory on a computer s hard drive, even if the computer has only 32 megabytes (MB) of RAM. The program data that does not currently fit in the computer s memory is saved into paging files. See also paging file; Virtual Memory Size; virtual printer memory.
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console, you need to install the FTP Service. Follow the instructions for installing IIS in Installing IIS, page 259. Click the Details button in step 4, and select File Transfer Protocol to add the service.
Figure 14-1 The SodaMachine state diagram
G A multi-segment network bridged using Windows XP can join two existing
To start a Remote Desktop session from a Windows XP computer, ensure that you have installed the software. Choose Start, All Programs, Accessories, Communications, Remote Desktop Connection. The Remote Desktop Connection dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 16-1. Enter the name of the remote computer or IP address, depending on how you intend to connect. If the computer s name can be resolved via DNS, you can enter the computer name; otherwise, you might need to use the IP address. This dialog box also contains an Options button that lets you adjust various settings for your remote session. These settings are discussed in Choosing Remote Desktop Options, page 490. Click the Connect button to begin the Remote Desktop session.
The use of self-signed certificates for EFS is not recommended in a domain environment. Configuring certification authorities to deliver EFS certificates to users as part of your public key infrastructure simplifies the manageability of recovery agents.
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