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Plug and Play Detection on ACPI Systems
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Element root = d.getRoot();
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XML for Databases and EDI
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XLink specifies the methods used to travel from one document to another, and to link information among many XML documents. The XLink specification defines two methods of linking using either simple links or extended
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A converged network helps service providers answer these questions in a consistent and economical fashion.
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In the Properties dialog box, click the Directory Security tab, and then
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This entity allows the designer to pass in a value for the rise and fall
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Figure 10-34.
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As the complexity of telecommunications systems has increased, so, too, have the demands on the organizations of people creating standards for these systems. Tools including analysis techniques, specification processes, and even highly specialized languages have been created to assist in the task. While some of these tools have proved their value over time, most are in a constant state of refinement as standards committee members try to find an optimum mix of clarity, brevity, and sufficiency. Indeed, the act of writing a good standard involves a reasonable measure of art in addition to technical expertise. Since they are produced in standards committees, most standards are also laden with compromises, some for the better, others for the worse. ANSI-41 has grown up in this environment and has managed to remain, for the most part, structurally consistent over the course of its revisions. Its structure has been largely influenced by two factors: the three-stage specification process and the three major functional areas addressed in the standard: intersystem handoff; automatic roaming; and operations, administration, and maintenance (OA&M). We discuss these influences as an introduction to how the ANSI-41 revisions are organized.
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RSVP Receiver driven Unicast/simplex Allows receivers with heterogeneous QoS for a given session Allows dynamic reconfiguration of resources
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Seton Healthcare Group PLC
LAN Workgroups
Extracting Files from the Operating System CD
After completing this chapter, you will be able to:
Figure 3-14 The same workgroup name must be used for all computers on the same network.
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As we saw with companies such as Enron, WorldCom, and Adelphia, creative accounting techniques are by no means the exclusive province of companies outside the United States. Unaccountable Accounting,7 a popular and enlightening expos on creative U.S. accounting techniques by Professor Abraham J. Briloff, suggests that U.S. managers are no slouches when it comes to positioning the truth. In the wake of bankruptcies that surfaced in 2002, this may not surprise U.S. investors. What may surprise them, however, is that Briloff s book was published in 1972 30 years before accounting concerns derailed companies such as Enron and WorldCom.
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