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7. Drop another State activity onto the visual workflow designer s surface, and name it WaitSelectionState.
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Creating the installation share For unattended installations of the Windows XP Professional MUI Pack, you must copy all the MUI files from CD2 into a temporary directory below the top-level directory on a network share or CD. In the following example, the computer name is MUICORE, the share name is $OEM$, and the temporary directory is MUIINST.
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import java.applet.Applet;
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1. Submit your store link to Froogle, Google s shopping search engine. Froogle is different from Google in that its search results turn up items for sale and reviews of these items. There s none of the other chafe that comes with a standard Google search. You ll see the Froogle link on the main page. Follow the Information For Merchants link at the bottom of the page to start using the service.
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Table 15-3 Parameter /c /i /r /d /n /o /sus /hf /l /lr /ld
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One possible scenario is for each MS-based SME in Figure 13.7 to be addressed by its host MS s MSID. In this example, we use the MIN form of the MSID; MIN-A (for SME-A) and MIN-B (for SME-B). The MINbased addresses are encoded by using the E.164 format. Table 13.2 summarizes the relationship between the air-interface address values in the SMD-REQ messages and the ANSI-41 SMS address values in the SMDPP messages for each step identified in Figure 13.7. For the purposes of illustration, we assume that all possible address parameters with the exception of the subaddress parameters are included in each message. Most of the mappings between the air interface and ANSI-41 address elements are straightforward:
9.5.2 Transesterification (Alcoholysis) Transesterification is the conversion of triacylglycerol lipids by alcohols to alkyl esters without first isolating the free fatty acids (May, 2004). Transesterification of a vegetable oil was conducted as early as 1853 many years before the first diesel engine became functional. Rudolf Diesel s prime model, a single 10-ft(3-m)-iron cylinder with a flywheel at its base, ran on its own power for the first time in Augsburg, Germany, on August 10, 1893. Diesel later demonstrated his engine and received the Grand Prix (highest prize) at the World Fair in Paris, France in 1900. This engine stood as an example of Diesel s vision because it was powered by peanut oil, which is a biofuel, though not biodiesel, since it was not transesterified. He believed that the utilization of biomass fuel was the real future of his engine and that the use of vegetable oils for engine fuels would become as important as petroleum and the coal-tar products of the present time. The purpose of transesterification of vegetable oils to their methyl esters (biodiesel) process is to lower the viscosity of the oil. The transesterification reaction is affected by alcohol type, molar ratio of glycerides to alcohol, type and amount of catalyst, reaction temperature, reaction time, and free fatty acids and water content of vegetable oils or animal fats. The transesterification reaction proceeds with or without a catalyst by using primary or secondary monohydric aliphatic alcohols having one- to eight-carbon atoms as follows (Demirbas, 2006a; 2006b): Triglycerides + Monohydric alcohol Glycerin + Mono-alkyl esters Generally, the reaction temperature near the boiling point of the alcohol is recommended ( anak i and zsezen, 2005). The reactions take place at low temperatures (approximately 65 C) and at modest pressures (2 atm, 1 atm = 14.7 psi = 101.325 kPa). Biodiesel is further purified by washing and evaporation to remove any remaining methanol. The oil (87 percent), alcohol (9 percent), and catalyst (1 percent) are the inputs in the production of biodiesel (86 percent), the main output (Lucia et al., 2006). Pretreatment is not required if the reaction is carried out under high pressure (9000 kPa) and high temperature (240 C), where simultaneous esterification and transesterification take place with maximum yield obtained at temperatures ranging from 60 to 80 C at a molar ratio of 6:1 (Barnwal and Sharma, 2005). The alcohols employed in the transesterification are generally short chain alcohols such as methanol, ethanol, propanol, and butanol. It was reported that when transesterification of soybean oil using methanol, ethanol, and butanol was performed, 96 to 98 percent of ester could be obtained after 1 hour (Dmytryshyn et al., 2004).
2 Open the remote briefcase, either on the removable disk or on the remote
private void Browser_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { this.tsbBack.Enabled = false; this.tsbForward.Enabled = false; this.lblApplicationStatus.Text = Ready ; } private void ModifyNavigationButtons() { // Add the code to enable or disable whenever there are URLs // in the browsing session s history if (myBrowser.CanGoBack) tsbBack.Enabled = true; else tsbBack.Enabled = false; if (myBrowser.CanGoForward) tsbForward.Enabled = true; else tsbForward.Enabled = false; } private void myBrowser_DocumentCompleted(object sender, WebBrowserDocumentCompletedEventArgs e) { // The about box is retrieving this information in a nice clean method // so let s reuse it // If you don t have an about box you can just create this method using // the code from the about box. We don t need to validate if the title // is empty; the method is doing it. // If it s empty it will use the .exe name this.Text = myAboutBox.AssemblyTitle + - + e.Url.Host.ToString(); ModifyNavigationButtons(); this.lblApplicationStatus.Text = Ready ; }
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