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For more information about Remote Assistance, see Appendix C, Tools for Troubleshooting.
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<DATE>April 17, 1998</DATE>
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Workflows and Transactions
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1. An aggregator is a web site that offers content to other web site operators. a. True b. False 2. What element do you use to display your logo on the aggregator s web site a. logoElement b. imageElement
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To use the CD-based Recovery Console, you must set the CD-ROM as the primary boot device (the first item listed in the boot order). If the CD-ROM is not listed as a boot-order option in the computer firmware, you cannot start your system by using the Windows XP Professional operating system CD. You must use startup floppy disks to start Windows XP Professional Setup. For more information about startup floppy disks, see the Getting Started Guide, which comes with Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Note
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If a wireless router has been deployed, assign static IP addresses to the wireless client adapters if possible and turn off DHCP. This creates more administrative overhead, but it also prevents the DHCP server from passing IP addresses to any client trying to associate with an AP. Although a wireless sniffer could easily pick out IP addresses, turning off DHCP makes the wireless network tougher to access by the casual drive-by intruder.
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Dynamically generate and execute database search queries Learn to store and index different types of data Create a full-text search engine with the Zend_Search_Lucene component Understand how to enable output type switching at run time Express the same output in many different formats, including XML
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Stratosphere (50 km)
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Netsh ras set tracing * enabled
Security Alert E-mail sent from one Exchange mailbox to another Exchange mailbox that does not go outside your internal network will not be checked nor have attachments removed.
filename = "file:////c://xml//idlocator//idlocator.xml";
The mechanism that allows low-priority threads to run and complete execution rather than being preempted and locking up a resource such as an I/O device.
Every June a group of chemistry teachers gathers for a week to assign grades to your hard work. Each of these Faculty Consultants spends a day or so in training on a question. Each reader becomes an expert on that question, and because each exam book is anonymous, this process provides a very consistent and unbiased scoring of that question. During a typical day of grading, there is a selection of a random sample of each reader s scores for crosschecking by other experienced Table Leaders to insure that the graders maintain a level of consistency throughout the day and the week. Statistical analysis of each reader s scores on a given question assure that they are not giving scores that are significantly higher or lower than the mean scores given by other readers of that question. All these measures assure consistency and fairness for your benefit.
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