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Part II
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20: Maintaining Network Security
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You might also see messages in the system log in the Event Viewer snap-in. Figure 28-1 illustrates a Chkdsk entry in the system log.
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The hash algorithm for integrity and authentication (MD5 or SHA1) The algorithm for encryption, if requested (3DES or DES) A description of the traffic to protect
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library (DLL) that provides an interface between an application requesting services and the controlling hardware device. TAPI supports two classes of service providers, media service providers and telephony service providers. See also dynamic-link library (DLL); Telephony API (TAPI).
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WAP Gateway Cell Phone
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Each input validator comes with a set of default error messages appropriate to the type of data being validated. More often than not, these default error messages provide enough information for users to locate and correct the errors in their input. However, cases may arise when these default messages need to be modified to be more descriptive and user-friendly. This is not very difficult to do, because each validator can be configured to display custom error messages via the 'messages' key of the options array passed to the addValidator() method. Consider the following example, which illustrates this:
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String attribString = " Attributes: ";
Opening a Remote Desktop Connection in Windows XP
infrastructure, a two-way paging protocol offering varying inbound and outbound channel speeds (up to 19.2 Kbps), support for alphanumeric paging, frequency reuse, guaranteed message delivery and response, among many enhanced services. REFLEX and inFLEXion (voice paging protocols) are rapidly replacing the old POCSAG standard in North America, and paging devices are now used actively in overthe-air wireless telemetry applications, among them utility meter reading, automobile paging systems, industrial controls, automated vending machine inventory control, crime fighting and monitoring devices, and digital image transfer.
A.2.3 Scenario 3: Analysis of GSM, VoIPoMPLS, and Typical DCME Practice
G E-mail viruses are spread through executable files, which usually have a .exe
8. On the Users And Groups page, Click Add to bring up the Select Users Or Groups dialog box. To allow all Internet users to use this protocol, click Object Types, select Groups in the Object Types dialog box, and then click OK to return to the Select Users Or Groups dialog box. 9. In the Enter Object Names To Select box, type Internet Users. Click OK to return to the Users And Groups page, as shown in Figure 16-17.
Enhanced Browser Security (SP2)
Other Network Interfaces
Figure 17-10.
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