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What s the difference between investing and speculation What do I mean when I use each term Why is this important I refer to Benjamin Graham frequently in this book. I was privileged to become his acquaintance in the early 1970s and learned a great deal from this legendary investor. Graham, together with another Columbia University professor, David Dodd, introduced value-investing principles in their 778-page epic, Security Analysis, first published in 1934. I adopted the principles Graham developed for successful investing to help found and build an investment firm that managed more than $50 billion for institutional and individual investors worldwide at year-end 2002. I ll share more details about my encounters with Graham in 3. On the question of investing and speculation, I turn to Graham because he addresses the differences between them on the very first page of his book, The Intelligent Investor. Graham writes, An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and an adequate return. 4 Based on this definition, there are three components to investing: thorough analysis, safety of principal, and adequate return. Graham adds, Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative. 5 To this, I would add: (1) Any contemplated holding period shorter than a normal business cycle (typically 3 to 5 years) is speculation, and (2) any purchase based on anticipated market movements or forecasting is also speculation. Given what I ve already addressed regarding value investing in this chapter (its focus on individual company analysis to determine intrinsic value, the margin of safety concept, and its success over the long term), it certainly meets Graham s definition of investing. The distinction between investing and speculation is important for a reason Graham cited in 1949 and remains true today: . . . in the easy language of Wall Street, everyone who buys or sells a security has become an investor, regardless of what he buys, or for what purpose, or at what price. . . . 6 The
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Method and Requirements Supported installation methods
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The computer on which the encrypted file is stored is not trusted for delegation. Every computer that stores encrypted files for remote access must be trusted for delegation. To check a computer s delegation status, open the computer s properties sheet in the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in. The user account that EFS needs to impersonate cannot be delegated. To check a user s delegation status, open the user s Properties sheet in the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in. The user s profile is not available. Using roaming user profiles is the solution for this problem. One of the user s profiles is available, but it does not contain the correct private key. Using roaming user profiles is the solution for this problem.
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EFS consists primarily of the following operating system components: the EFS service, the EFS driver, the EFS File System Run-Time Library (FSRTL), and an application programming interface (API). Like many other security services, EFS uses the Microsoft Cryptographic Application Programming Interface to obtain services from a cryptographic service provider such as the RSA Base Provider that is included with Windows XP Professional. Figure18-1 shows the architecture of EFS.
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Cables in an existing network might not be usable. In general, Token Ring equipment should be replaced or phased out, although 10 megabit Ethernet equipment can be used until convenient to replace or until the utilization of the network segment becomes too high (but don t wait until the segment is
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1st Informational MPLS RFC 2702 TE
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Empty elements Prolog and Document Type Declarations
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Options on the Windows Advanced Options Menu
Solutions and Colligative Properties 185
Looking to the Future
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The Windows XP Professional Print dialog box includes several modifications to previous versions of Windows. The Print dialog box includes improvements that allow you to:
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