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The Network Identification Wizard helps you join a domain, but you can also join a domain by clicking the Change button on the Computer Name tab of the System Properties dialog box. This option reduces the wizard to a single dialog box, shown in Figure 11-7. Enter your computer s name in the Computer Name box and make sure Member Of is set to Domain. Type in the domain name if it isn t already listed in the box. Click OK. In the dialog box that appears, enter the user name and password of your domain account. You ll need to restart your computer once you complete the joining process.
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Managing Connectivity
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Don t try to do an inspection on your own unless you know a great deal about buildings. I ve been inspecting properties for more than 30 years and I still always hire a professional inspector to go along with me. The engineer can point out things that I miss, and vice versa.
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schemes that represent the excitation source parametrically (as just discussed) and that use a higher-order linear predictor (n 1). LPC analysis enjoys a number of desirable features in the estimation of speech parameters such as spectrum, formant frequencies, pitch, and other vocal-tract measures. LPC analysis is conducted as a time-domain process. Figure 2-4 shows a simplified block diagram of the coder steps. LPC produces a data frame at a rate of about 40 to 100 frames per second. (Lower frame rates produce lower-quality speech.) As should be clear, the data rate originated by a frame depends on the number of coefficients (for example, the order of the predictor) and the accuracy to which each of the parameters is quantized. It should be noted that speech synthesized from LPC coders is most sensitive to the first few coefficients; this, in turn, implies that the coefficients need not necessarily all be quantized with the same accuracy. The analog model that is solved by LPC is an approximation of the vocal tract (glottis and lips, but no nasal cavities) using concatenated acoustic tubes. If the number of cylinders is appropriately selected in the model, the frequency-domain mathematics of the concatenated-tubes problem solves approximately the vocal-tract problem. LPC enables you to estimate frequency-domain acoustic tube parameters from the speech waveform, as described next. The LPC prediction coefficients obtained from the time-domain signal can be converted to reflection coefficients representing the set of concatenated tubes. This implies that frequency-domain estimations that approximately describe the vocal tract can be obtained (with this methodology) from time-domain data using linear algebra. Specifically, the n prediction coefficients of an nth-order predictor can be calculated by solving a system of n linear equations in n unknowns. The n reflection coefficients that are present in equations describing resonances in a concatenated acoustic tube on 0.5 (n 1) sections can be calculated from the n prediction coefficients. Hence, LPC analysis generates a set of reflection coefficients, excitation
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render the view. Similarly, if the user chose to add a new listing, the controller would select and render an input view, validate and sanitize the user s input, insert the sanitized input into the data store using the ListingModel model, and then select and render another view to display whether or not the operation was successful. Here s an example of a controller that brings together the model and view illustrated previously:
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Caution Changing default settings such as IRQs can cause conflicts that might make one or more devices unavailable on the system.
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The first client in an ad hoc mode network performs some of the roles of an access point, including periodic broadcast of the SSID and the authentication of new members to the ad hoc network. The client does not, however, act as a bridge between the wireless network and a wired network. Wireless clients must be explicitly configured to use ad hoc mode, and there are a maximum of nine clients in an ad hoc wireless network.
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note Windows 2000 Professional workstations can also fully participate in an Active Directory domain; however, configuring them to do so is outside the scope of this book.
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That's it for our coverage of creating simple XML browsers for the moment. As you can see, there are some powerful techniques here that we can use to create XML browsers and display XML documents with, now that we've started interpreting the XML tags we place in XML documents. In the next chapter, we'll continue working with the content of XML tags as we start to create
For more information about searching, see Searching Active Directory Fields earlier in this chapter. For your users to search for nearby printers by using subnets, your deployment must have the following:
Introduction to Wireless Telecommunications
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imagemapFrame frame = new imagemapFrame("The imagemap application");
A guaranteed system for troubleshooting all computer-related problems does not exist. Effective troubleshooting requires technical research and experience, careful observation, resourceful use of information, and patience. During the troubleshooting process, you can consult the checklist in Table 27-3.
Element elem2 = (Element)enum.nextElement();
System Troubleshooting
Determines whether the computer will release its NetBIOS name if requested by another computer or a malicious packet attempting to hijack the computer s NetBIOS name.
Connection Types
You can use an infrared link to link two devices directly, or you can link up to a network. The following sections describe how to use the different connections. Establishing an infrared link An infrared link allows one computer or device to transmit information to another infrared device or computer. To establish an infrared link, follow these steps:
Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g. Your MySQL connection id is 26288 Server version: 5.1.30-community MySQL Community Edition (GPL) Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the buffer. mysql>
With knowledge of what kind of LAN traffic to expect on the WAN, technicians and network managers will have a better idea of the analysis that might have to be performed later. In addition, knowing how LAN frames might be handled at end stations can help troubleshooters make a distinction between WAN problems and end-station processing problems.
latency Referred to as a delay between the times a device requests access to a network and the time it is granted permission to transmit. Another definition is that of a delay between the time a device receives a frame and the time that frame is forwarded out the destination port. Excessive latency is not generally a problem with e-mail, but it can readily become a problem with latency-sensitive applications such as voice and video. LEAP Acronym for Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol. A version of EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) and should be viewed as a shorthand name for EAP-Cisco Wireless, an 802.1X authentication type developed by Cisco and licensed to a restricted set of vendors, including some Cisco competitors. About five variants of EAP exist as of this writing, including LEAP, EAP-SIM, EAP-PEAP, EAP-TTLS, and EAP-TLS. See also EAP. license The purchased right to transmit RF waves over a given BTA on certain frequencies for a certain period of time. The license tightly governs the design parameters of an RF system and its use. Licenses are usually granted in a way that ensures a greatly reduced probability of interference from other users of the same spectrum. Depending on the licensed service and the country in which the license is issued, the license may be issued as the result of an auction or as the result of a beauty contest in which the regulator evaluates the merits of proposals to use the spectrum. The theory behind auctions is that they use free-market forces so that spectrum is put to its best use. LMDS Acronym for Local Multipoint Distribution Service, a relatively low-power license for transmitting voice, video, and data. In the United States, two licenses are typically granted in three frequencies, each to separate entities within a BTA. These licenses are known as Block A or Block B licenses. In the United States, Block A licenses are from 27.5 to 28.35 GHz, 29.10 to 29.25 GHz, and 31.075 to 31.225 GHz for a total of 1.159 GHz of bandwidth. Block B licenses operate from 31.00 to 31.075 GHz and 31.225 to 31.300 GHz for a total of 150 MHz of bandwidth. LMDS systems have a typical maximum transmission range of approximately 3 miles, as opposed to the transmission range of an MMDS system, which is typically 25 miles. This difference in range is primarily a function of absorption due to precipitation and other physical phenomena, as well as FCC-allocated output power limits. load balancing In routing, the ability of a router to distribute traffic over all of its network ports that are the same distance from the destination address. Good load-balancing algorithms use both line speed and reliability information. Load balancing increases the use of network segments, thus increasing effective network bandwidth. logic bomb A virus, similar to a physical bomb planted by an individual, that lies in wait until triggered by an event such as a specific date, the number of times a program is executed, or even the deletion of a file. These viruses can be very destructive and are often difficult to locate prior to being executed. LOS Acronym for line of sight. Refers to the fact that a clear, unobstructed path between the transmitters and receivers is an optimal condition in which wireless links can operate. This is essential for millimeter wave products such as LMDS and most microwave products lacking modulation and other schemes specifically designed to overcome the
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