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Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems GPA in major: AOverall GPA: B+ Coursework highlights: Advanced application development (SDLC, RUP), Services Operations Management, Technology Management, Project Management, Business Systems Analysis, Fundamentals of Computer Networking Employment History Technical Support Analyst (Intern)
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Figure 20-16.
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You made it! The hard part is over since you have rehearsed so much, the presentation should be a breeze. Remember to breathe and breathe deeply. Consider using an attention meter similar to the applause-ometer on old TV game shows to let attendees continuously provide you with feedback on how interested they are in what you are saying and when they feel it is time for you to move forward. When you use screen sharing, ask attendees to let you know when they begin seeing your screen and if they are experiencing delays in watching media presentations.
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Motivations, Developments, and Opportunities in VoP
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How Software Restriction Policies Work
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Gasification: A chemical or heat process used to convert carbonaceous material (such as coal, petroleum, and biomass) into gaseous components such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Gasifier: A device for converting solid fuel into gaseous fuel; in biomass systems, the process is referred to as pyrolytic distillation. Gasohol: A mixture of 10 percent anhydrous ethanol and 90 percent gasoline by volume; 7.5 percent anhydrous ethanol and 92.5 percent gasoline by volume; or 5.5 percent anhydrous ethanol and 94.5 percent gasoline by volume. Gas to liquids (GTL): The process of refining natural gas and other hydrocarbons into longer-chain hydrocarbons, which can be used to convert gaseous waste products into fuels. Gel point: The point at which a liquid fuel cools to the consistency of petroleum jelly. Genetically modified organism (GMO): An organism whose genetic material has been modified through recombinant DNA technology, altering the phenotype of the organism to meet desired specifications. Grassland pasture and range: All open land used primarily for pasture and grazing, including shrub and brush land types of pasture; grazing land with sagebrush and scattered mesquite; and all tame and native grasses, legumes, and other forage used for pasture or grazing; because of the diversity in vegetative composition, grassland pasture and range are not always clearly distinguishable from other types of pasture and range; at one extreme, permanent grassland may merge with cropland pasture, or grassland may often be found in transitional areas with forested grazing land. Grease car: A diesel-powered automobile rigged postproduction to run on used vegetable oil. Greenhouse effect: The effect of certain gases in the earth s atmosphere in trapping heat from the sun. Greenhouse gases: Gases that trap the heat of the sun in the earth s atmosphere, producing the greenhouse effect. The two major greenhouse gases are water vapor and carbon dioxide. Other greenhouse gases include methane, ozone, chlorofluorocarbons, and nitrous oxide.
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public boolean mouseExit(Event e, int x, int y){
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When the user clicks a hotspot (such as Target 1 or Target 2 in Figure 8.10), we are supposed to handle that mouse click by reading in an XML document. We'll handle the mouse click in the .+ event handler: public class imagemap extends Applet{
Working with Alerts Windows Messenger can produce an alert sound when one of your contacts comes online, when you receive an instant message, or when you receive mail in your Hotmail Inbox. These options are configured by default, but you can change the defaults by accessing Tools, Options. Select the Preferences tab, and in the Alerts section, choose any combination of the three display options to show a visual display when a contact in your list comes online, when you re sent an instant message, or when e-mail is received. Then select Play Sound When Contacts Sign In Or Send A Message to produce an audible alert when a contact comes online or sends you a message. Note that you can also change the sound of the alert by clicking the Sounds button and selecting a new sound for the alert.
c. The distribution is skewed to the left and there is at least one outlier. d. The distribution is skewed to the left and 65 students scored better than 520. e. The distribution is skewed to the right and 65 students scored better than 535. 3. A 2008 ballot initiative in California sought a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Suppose a survey prior to the election asked the question, Do you favor a law that would eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry This question could produce biased results. Which of the following is the most likely reason a. The wording of the question could influence the response. b. Same-sex couples are likely to be underrepresented in the sample. c. Only those who feel strongly about the issue are likely to respond. d. Not all registered voters who respond to the survey are likely to vote. e. Married couples are likely to vote the same way.
Equiv. 2003 capex ($1M / switch) ($B) 0.06 0.07 0.11 0.22
catch (MalformedURLException e1) {
As you might imagine, there is a lot more we can do in DSSSL. For example, we can get and display the current page number, as we'll see next.
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