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B.1 Introduction
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Understanding Application Localization
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Where Wireless Fits data matrix
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The connected home of the future
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recognize requests for PHP pages. This is accomplished by opening the Apache configuration file, httpd.conf (which be found in the conf/ subdirectory of the Apache installation directory), in a text editor and adding the following line to it:
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Appendix C:
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Figure 10-11.
To begin to understand the ANSI-41 signaling protocol, it is necessary to understand some basics about wireless telecommunications. This chapter provides a general overview of the most important concepts in wireless cellular telecommunications that apply to ANSI-41. For some readers, this will be a high-level review; for others, it may clarify some misconceptions and provide an overall understanding of cellular wireless technology that will be useful in understanding ANSI-41.
dictate which label distribution protocol is used, but it is unlikely to be a major factor in the choice made by most MPLS equipment suppliers. RSVP requires that all received IP packets carrying RSVP messages are delivered to the RSVP protocol code without reference to the actual destination IP address in the packet. This feature may require a minor modification to the IP implementation. See the sections Security, Scalability, High Availability, and Link and Peer Failure Detection for details on how the choice of transport protocol affects other functions provided in an MPLS system. Security TCP is vulnerable to denial of service attacks, where the performance of the TCP session can be seriously impacted by unauthorized access to the network. This could impact CR-LDP. Authentication and policy control are specified for RSVP. This enables the originator of the messages to be verified (for example, using MD5) and makes it possible to police unauthorized or malicious reservation of resources. Similar features could be defined for CR-LDP, but the connection-oriented nature of the TCP session makes this less of a requirement. TCP could make use of MD5. IPSec is a series of drafts from the IETF to provide authentication and encryption security for packets transported over IP. If IPSec support is available in the IP stack, it can be used by CR-LDP simply as part of the normal TCP/IP processing. RSVP targets its Path messages at the egress LSR, not at the intermediate LSRs. This means that IPSec cannot be used because the intermediate LSRs would find themselves unable to access the information in the Path messages. Multipoint Support Multipoint-to-point LSPs enable LSPs to merge at intermediate LSRs, reducing the number of labels required in the system and sharing downstream resources. This approach works particularly well in packet-switched networks, but requires nonstandard hardware in cellswitched networks such as ATM to prevent the interleaving of cells. CRLDP and RSVP support multipoint-to-point LSPs. Point-to-multipoint (multicast) IP traffic is not addressed by the current version of the MPLS architecture so it is not supported by CR-LDP or Labels RSVP. Generic RSVP was originally designed to include resource reservation for IP multicast trees so it may be easier to extend to support multicast traffic in the future. However, this is an area for further study in both protocols. Scalability Thescalability of a protocol should be considered in terms of the network flows it uses, the resources needed to maintain the protocol state at each node, and the CPU load on each node. All of this must be considered in the context of the way in which MPLS will be used in the network. If trunk LSPs will be used across the network to connect key edge
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TIA Subcommittee TR-45.2 is the standards-formulating body that develops and maintains ANSI-41. Subcommittee TR-45.2 is composed of seven Working Groups (WGs). Each WG is responsible for a different area of wireless intersystem operations. Table 2.3 shows a listing of these working groups. TABLE 2.3 TIA TR-45.2 Working Groups
ISA Server maintains control of connectivity and isolates the internal network by having two completely separate physical connections one to the Internet and one to the internal network. Each network is connected to a different network card, and all packets must pass through the ISA Server software to get from one connection to the other. The mechanisms that ISA Server uses to achieve these aims are fairly straightforward. The following three basic techniques are used:
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6. Most college-bound students take either the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) or the ACT (which originally stood for American College Testing). Scores on both the ACT and the SAT are approximately normally distributed. ACT scores have a mean of about 21 with a standard deviation of about 5. SAT scores have a mean of about 508 with a standard deviation of about 110. Nicole takes the ACT and gets a score of 24. Luis takes the SAT. What score would Luis have to have on the SAT to have the same standardized score (z-score) as Nicole s standardized score on the ACT a. b. c. d. e. 548 574 560 583 588
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