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Module MainModule Declare a delegate class. Delegate Function AskYesNoQuestion(ByVal msg As String) As Boolean
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To get the most value out of a stress test, the test needs to focus on the behavior of the usage scenario or scenarios that matter most to the overall success of the application. To identify these scenarios, you generally start by defining a single scenario that you want to stress-test in order to identify a potential performance issue. Consider these guidelines when choosing appropriate scenarios: Select scenarios based on how critical they are to overall application performance. Try to test those operations that are most likely to affect performance. These might include operations that perform intensive locking and synchronization, long transactions, and disk-intensive input/output (I/O) operations. Base your scenario selection on the specific areas of your application identified as potential bottlenecks by load-testing data. Although you should have fine-tuned and removed the bottlenecks after load testing, you should still stress-test the system in these areas to verify how well your changes handle extreme stress levels. Examples of scenarios that may need to be stress tested separately from other usage scenarios for a typical e-commerce application include the following: An order-processing scenario that updates the inventory for a particular product. This functionality has the potential to exhibit locking and synchronization problems. A scenario that pages through search results based on user queries. If a user specifies a particularly wide query, there could be a large impact on memory utilization. For example, memory utilization could be affected if a query returns an entire data table.
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Learn an approach to agile performance test management. Learn how to maximize flexibility without sacrificing control. Learn how to provide managers and stakeholders with progress and value indicators. Learn how to provide a structure for capturing information that will not noticeably impact the release schedule. Learn how to apply an approach designed to embrace change, not simply tolerate it.
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Copy the contents of the Table.txt file in the C:\rs2000sbs\chap16 folder and paste between the <form></form> tags so that your screen looks like this:
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1 Select either the Members, Tasks, Documents or Links tab in the Shared Workspace task pane. 2 Review the contents of the Document Workspace Name box. This will become the name of the new document workspace. If you want a different name, simply type it in. 3 Review the Location For New Workspace box. This specifies the SharePoint site that will serve as the parent of the new document workspace. The Shared Workspace task pane will suggest a site, but you can choose a different one by opening the drop-down list or by typing a URL. 4 Click the Create button.
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2. Type 1d, and then press Enter.
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Adding Bound Data
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A Notification Services instance requires at least one user account available to perform the following functions:
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Design Fundamentals
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Performance Monitoring and Tuning
When players have found the card they want to select as the first of the pair, they press the A button on the gamepad. The game uses the variables cursorRow and cursorCol to keep track of the cursor and uses these to locate the card to be selected. Only cards which have not been matched can be selected. Once the first card has been selected, the state of the game is changed to SelectingSecondCard, and the card selection process is repeated.
Create the DataSet 1. Create the Load event handler for the form. Add the following code to create the DataSet: 2. Visual Basic 3. Private m_pointsSet As New DataSet() 4. Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, _ 5. ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load 6. Dim pointsTable As New DataTable("XYPoints") 7. m_pointsSet.Tables.Add(pointsTable)
Windows Forms Applications
You can now step through the MDX script to view the effect of each statement in the debugging browser. You can even drop objects into the grid on the PivotTable pane at the bottom of the screen to observe the impact on values as you step through the MDX script. You can also work with four different MDX query windows to issue queries that return the current results of the cube based on the current execution status of the MDX script. 7. In the Metadata pane, expand the Employee dimension, drag Employees to the rows axis in the debugging browser, and then drag the Measures object to the totals area. 8. On rows, expand Sanchez, and then expand Welcker. Notice that so far, the only calculation available is Unique Customers which, as a distinct count measure, is treated separately. Since you have not executed the MDX script, the calculations defined in this script have not yet affected cube values and aggregated values have not yet been computed. 9. Click the Step Over button in the Debug toolbar. To view the Debug toolbar, click Toolbars from the View menu, and then select Debug. The first calculation in the script is highlighted and aggregated values now display in the PivotTable grid.
Change Permissions
Abbrev. Title
Practice 1: Troubleshooting a Remote Desktop Connection to Windows XP, Part 1 (Enabling Remote Desktop) In this practice, you will attempt to establish a Remote Desktop connection from Vista1 to Xpclient. 1. Log on to Nwtraders from Vista1 as a standard user (not an administrator). 2. From the Start menu, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Remote Desktop Connection. The Remote Desktop Connection dialog box opens. 3. In the Remote Desktop Connection dialog box, type xpclient.nwtraders.msft in the Computer text box, and then press Enter. The Windows Security dialog box opens. 4. In the Windows Security dialog box, type the name of the currently logged-on standard user in the form nwtraders\user name. Then type the associated password and press Enter. The Remote Desktop Disconnected message box appears and informs you that the local computer cannot connect to the remote computer. 5. Click OK to dismiss the error message. 6. If necessary, spend a few minutes investigating the settings on Vista1 and Xpclient, and then answer the following question: What is the reason that you have received this particular error message Answer: Remote Desktop has not been enabled on Xpclient. 7. Log on to Nwtraders from Xpclient with a domain administrator account. 8. On Xpclient, open the System Properties dialog box. (You can find the System Control Panel icon in the Performance And Maintenance category. Alternatively, you can just open the properties of My Computer or enter the keystroke Windows + Pause/Break.) 9. In the Remote tab of the System Properties dialog box, select the Allow Users To Connect Remotely To This Computer check box. 10. If a Remote Sessions message box appears, read the message, and then click OK. 11. In the System Properties dialog box, click OK. 12. Return to Vista1. 13. In the Remote Desktop Connection dialog box, verify that xpclient.nwtraders.msft is still visible in the Computer text box, and then click Connect. 14. In the Windows Security dialog box, type once again the name of the currently loggedon standard user in the form nwtraders\user name. Then type the associated password and press Enter. The Remote Desktop Connection dialog box appears.
Note SQL Server never escalates to page locks. The result of a lock escalation is always a table or partition. In addition, multiple partition locks are never escalated to a table lock.
Figure 16-19
Dim handle As Integer = FreeFile()
2. In the File name box, type Advanced Tracking B, and then click Save.
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