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After a resource pool is created and project plans are linked to it, resource information is consolidated in the resource pool and updated in the sharer project plans. You can link new project plans to the resource pool as well.
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Creating the Message Board Project
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Part IV
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Games and Programming
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your transaction log is never truncated. If you are doing only full database backups, you must truncate the log manually to keep it at a manageable size.
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Advanced Design
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Set the NameColumn property
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Positioning the KillerSprites Using Random Numbers
<rootcategories> <rootcategory> <catalogname>Books</catalogname> <catalognameurl>Books</catalognameurl> <categoryname>Business Software</categoryname> <categorynameurl>Business+Software</categorynameurl> </rootcategory> <rootcategory> <catalogname>Books</catalogname> <catalognameurl>Books</catalognameurl> <categoryname>Development Tools</categoryname>
query event if the string sp_password was found anywhere in the text of the query. This feature has been removed in SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008, and you should not depend on it to protect your intellectual capital.
mouth and scream loudly-if the recording meter moves slightly, the connection is good, and the problem is between your microphone and your computer. You might be able to solve this problem by downloading new device drivers from the microphone manufacturer's Web site, or it might be simpler to replace the microphone. 16. When you have finished reading the paragraph, click Next to begin the speaker test:
ASP.NET offers several server controls that make programming security-related aspects of a Web application quick and easy: Login, LoginName, LoginStatus, LoginView, PasswordRecovery, ChangePassword, and CreateUserWizard. These are composite controls, and they provide a rich, customizable user interface. They encapsulate a large part of the boilerplate code and markup you would otherwise have to write repeatedly for each Web application you developed. Figure 19-8 offers a comprehensive view of the membership platform and illustrates the role of the login controls.
Primary Interop Assemblies
The Microsoft model is just that: a model. It serves as an example, yet you will not necessarily implement it, or any other model, exactly as designed by someone else. Although all IT projects share some things in common, and therefore need someone to handle that area of the project, that s where the commonality stops. Each company is in a different business and has IT needs related to its specific business activities. This might mean additional team members are needed to manage those aspects of the project. For example, if external clients and/or the public also access some of your IT systems as users, you have a set of user acceptance and testing requirements different than many other businesses. The project team needs business managers who understand, and who can represent, the needs of the various business units. This requires knowledge of both the business operations and a clear picture of the daily tasks performed by line staff. Representatives of the IT department bring their technical expertise to the table, not only to detail the inner workings of the network, but also to help business managers realistically assess how technology can help their departments and sort out the impractical goals from the realistic ones. Make sure that all critical aspects of business operations are covered include representatives from all departments that have critical IT needs, and the team must take the needs of the entire company into account. This means that people on the project team must collect information from line-of-business managers and the people actually doing the work. (Surprisingly enough, the latter escapes many a project team.) Once you have a team together, management must ensure that team members have adequate time and resources to fulfill the tasks required of them for the project. This can mean shifting all or part of their usual workload to others for the project duration, or providing resources such as Internet access, project-related software, and so on. Any project is easier, and more likely to be successful, with this critical real-time support from management. 35
The sys.dm_broker_connections DMV returns information about Service Broker network connections. One row is returned for each Service Broker network connection.
Case Scenario 2: Distribute Updates
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