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A method is a block of code that does something for you. Each method has an identifier that you use to refer to the method when you call it.
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Check Accessibility This tool checks for presentation elements and formatting that
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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence
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Managing Tables of Data
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On this page, you can change the default document format; the location and save frequency of the AutoRecover file (a backup file created by Word while you re working in the file); the default location to which Word saves files you create; and the default location for files you check out from document management servers (such as Microsoft SharePoint) and drafts of those files saved while you are working offline.
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Protocol/Interconnect TCP/IP over Ethernet SCSI over parallel SCSI SCSI-3 over FC (FCP) iSCSI over Ethernet
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Visual Studio makes it easy to provide access key support. To add an access key to a menu item, activate the Menu Designer and type an ampersand (&) before the appropriate letter in the menu name. When you open the menu at runtime (when the program is running), your program will automatically support the access key.
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SelectItemFromValue(ddlPublishers, dr( pub_id ).ToString)
File Extension
Figure 16-26
Part III: Deploying Application-Specific Solutions
You can also create a structured file using an XML format. The hierarchical structure of the data is tagged in the file, unlike the CSV file, which flattened the data to its lowest level. Obviously, the application that will eventually translate this file will need to understand the meaning of this structure. Because report item names are used to distinguish XML elements in the document, you ll need to carefully consider your naming conventions in the report design. In this procedure, you ll export the Order Details report as an XML file. Export a table as an XML file 1. In Report Manager, with the Order Details report open, select XML File With Report Data in the Export drop-down list, click the Export link, and then click Open in the File Download dialog box. The XML document is displayed in a browser window like this:
You should note that the Name property doesn t have the same role it had under Visual Basic 6. What we usually consider the name of the control is now the name of the vari able that points to the control (btnOK in the preceding example), whereas the Name property is a string value that you can use to identify the control itself. (You can use spaces and other symbols in this property.) You can even use the same Name value used for another control on the form if you create the control in code. In this respect, the Name property is similar to the Tag property (which is still supported). Another thing worth noting in the preceding code snippet is that the btnOK variable is local to the procedure, so it goes out of scope when the End Sub statement is reached. The control isn t destroyed at this time, however, because the form s Controls collec tion keeps it alive.
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The sales site would be a subsite of the /depts/marketing site. The /depts/marketing site would be the parent of the sales site.
The AVERAGEIFS, SUMIFS, and COUNTIFS functions extend the capabilities of the AVERAGEIF, SUMIF, and COUNTIF functions to allow for multiple criteria. If you want to find the sum of all orders of at least $100,000 placed by companies in Washington, you can create the formula =SUMIFS(E3:E6, D3:D6, =WA , E3:E6, >=100000 ). The AVERAGEIFS and SUMIFS functions start with a data range that contains values that the formula summarizes; you then list the data ranges and the criteria to apply to that range. In generic terms, the syntax runs =AVERAGEIFS(data_range, criteria_ range1, criteria1[,criteria_range2, criteria2 ]). The part of the syntax in square brackets (which aren t used when you create the formula) is optional, so an AVERAGEIFS or SUMIFS formula that contains a single criterion will work. The COUNTIFS function, which doesn t perform any calculations, doesn t need a data range you just provide the criteria ranges and criteria. For example, you could find the number of customers from Washington who were billed at least $100,000 by using the formula =COUNTIFS(D3:D6, =WA , E3:E6, >=100000 ). In this exercise, you ll create a conditional formula that displays a message if a condition is true, find the average of worksheet values that meet one criterion, and find the sum of worksheet values that meet two criteria. SET UP You need the PackagingCosts_start workbook located in your 10 practice file folder to complete this exercise. Open the PackagingCosts_start workbook, and save it as PackagingCosts. Then follow the steps.
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