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I n t hese t im es, all infor m at ion t echnology professionals, including dat abase dev elopers, hav e a pr essing need t o prot ect t heir syst em s. There is no m agic pill you can t ake t o inoculat e y our syst em s against any k ind of securit y at t ack t hat ev er did, or w ill, ex ist . Secur ing syst em s is a m at t er of learning your applicat ions and j udiciously apply ing t he securit y m easur es appropriat e for y our com put ing env ir onm ent . This chapt er exposes y ou t o t he securit y feat ures available w it h Micr osoft SQL Serv er 2000. Use t he foundat ion you get from t his chapt er as a basis for dr illing down deeper int o select ed t opics t hat you feel a need t o lear n in great er dept h. Aside from general securit y concer ns, SQL Serv er 2000 developers hav e specific reasons for needing t o k now about secur it y. For exam ple, t he only way users can connect t o a SQL Ser ver inst ance is by specify ing a login account . Aft er gaining access t o t he dat abase serv er w it h a login account , users cannot t ypically gain access t o a dat abase ex cept by hav ing a user account associat ed w it h t he login account . Furt herm ore, login account and user account m em bership in v arious fix ed and user - defined r oles enable users t o per for m server and dat abase funct ions, including m anaging secur it y for a ser ver and it s dat abases or ev en for t he dat abases on ot her serv ers. The t wo resources for t his chapt er ar e sim ilar t o t hose for Chapt er 2 t hrough Chapt er 5. The first resource is a set of T- SQL script s wit h t he sam ples in t his chapt er . These T- SQL script s oft en r efer ence t he second resource, t he Chapt er07 dat abase. I n fact , t here is a script am ong t he sam ples files for t his book t o cr eat e t he dat abase, but t he sam ples also include a copy of t he dat abase files t hem selves ( Chapt er07_dat .m df and Chapt er07_log.ldf) for y our easy reference. The script s in t his chapt er differ fr om t hose of preceding chapt ers in t hat t he login for dat abase connect ions var ies bet ween script s. By using differ ent logins, t he sam ples enable y ou t o evaluat e t he effect s of different t ypes of logins as well as underst and how t o cr eat e t hose logins.
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Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Inside Out Because of this optimum configuration, the screen shots in the book may appear richer than the pages that appear in your environment. In almost every case, however, the fallback HTML elements will provide a way to accomplish the same results. (The exceptions, by the way, all apply to administrative functions. Administrators should definitely run a Windows version of Internet Explorer 6.)
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Configure Each Server to Join the Session Directory
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learned. Make sure that all tables and all of their columns are recreated exactly the same way in your tables as shown in Figure 8-2. Don t worry about establishing the relationships, for you ll create those in the following exercises. Between each table creation, save your new table immediately and make sure it appears in the Database Explorer. Then close the table in the designer surface as shown earlier in step 7 of this section.
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The Full-text Search Matches listing displays all the topics in which the individual words of your search terms appear. The Microsoft Knowledge Base listing displays articles that pertain to your search phrase from Microsoft's online database of product support information. This listing is available only when you are online.
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If the client application has a user interface, you might catch this exception, display a dia log box, and ask the user to enter her name and password to submit in a second attempt.
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It comes as no surprise that some Web applications might take a while to get up and running and ready to serve the first request. Application restarts happen for a number of reasons, and sometimes they re beyond the explicit control of the site administrators. (I ll get back to application restarts in a moment.) If the application needs to perform expensive initialization tasks before serving the first request, every restart is a performance hit. The user all of a sudden experiences significant delays and can t easily figure out why. There are no fancy ways to solve the issue; in the end, all you need to do is keep your application awake and distribute the time it takes to initialize your application across its entire uptime. This might mean, for example, that if your application requires lengthy database processing, you ensure that data is cached in a location that s faster to access than the database itself. Some effective solutions in this regard have been arranged using an always running Windows service. All the service does is periodically refresh a cache of data for the Web application to access from within the Application_Start event handler in global.asax. ASP.NET 4 and IIS 7.5 on Windows Server 2008 R2 offer an integrated solution to this relatively frequent issue. A new feature named autostart provides a controlled approach for starting up an application pool and initializing the ASP.NET application before the application can accept HTTP requests. You edit the configuration file of IIS to inform IIS of your intentions and then provide your own component that performs the warm up and accomplishes whatever tasks are required for your application to be as responsive as expected. The feature is a joint venture between IIS 7.5 and ASP.NET 4. ASP.NET ensures the preloader component is invoked in a timely manner; IIS 7.5, on the other hand, prevents the ASP.NET application from receiving any HTTP traffic until it is ready. As you can see, the warm-up is not really magic and does not squeeze extra computing power out of nowhere; it stems from the fact that users perceive the application is down until it is ready to accept and promptly serve requests. I ll demonstrate concretely how to set up the IIS 7.5 autostart feature later in the chapter in the section about the configuration of IIS.
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Part III: Designing Sites and Pages with a Browser
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Caching of Shipping Methods
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This has been another packed chapter. You have learned how to organize a solution properly using object-based design. You now know the meaning of coupling and cohesion in software engineering. You have finally solved the mystery of the difference between values and references and learned about classes for the first time. You have also discovered how a class can build on the behaviors of an existing class to create working systems from objects that cooperate together. And to cap it all, you have seen some code written by the Great Programmer.
Usin g D a t a Se t s t o Upda t e D a t a ba se s via D iff Gr a m s
The Option Strict On statement implicitly forces you to declare all your variables; in other words, Option Strict On implies Option Explicit On. If Option Strict is on, any undeclared variable raises a compilation error. Another side effect of the Option Strict option is to disallow late binding operations:
6. On the Define Time Periods page, click the drop-down list for Year in the Time Table Columns, scroll through the list of columns, and then click CalendarYear to assign this column to the Year time property. 7. Repeat the previous step to assign table columns to specific time properties, as shown in the following table:
Views can hide the complexity of database tables and present data to the end user in a simple organized manner. Views can be created to do any or all of the following:
Patterns for the Presentation Layer
Saving a Project Baseline
Part 4: Managing Windows Server 2003 Systems
Using C# Methods to Solve Problems
Click the Layout tab. Right-click the blank area in the Document window to the left of the report body, and then click Page Footer. You might need to close the Output window to view the newly added page footer. 3 In the Toolbox window, click Textbox. 4 Click the top left corner of the page footer section, then drag the corner of the textbox to the right and down to create a textbox approximately 1.5 inches wide and 0.25 inches high. 5 Click the textbox to select it, and then type Company Confidential. 6 In the Report Formatting toolbar, click the Italic button. 7 In the Properties window, click PageFooter in the report items list box. The PrintOnFirstPage and PrintOnLastPage properties are both set to True by default. 8 On the File menu, click Save All. 9 Click the Preview tab. The page footer is displayed on the first page. 10 Click the Next Page button to check the existence of the page footer on all other pages.
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