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Accessing Reports Abbrev. Title
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open to theft of programs or data ; so there are many aspects to microcomputer security in this area, as well.
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A gauge control needs to have at least two properties one to indicate the value being rendered, and one that provides the scale. In addition, you can also give users a chance to control the ruler and the descriptive text for the gauge. Table 12-2 lists the properties of a gauge control.
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Part VI:
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Here you specify where the image to be added to the report is stored: embedded, project, database, or Web.
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Your screen looks like this:
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Using the Wizard to Create a Cube
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report until the cache expires. The purpose of expiring the cache on a periodic basis is to force the report to be refreshed with the most current data when the next user accesses the report. The result is a new cached instance of the report until the next scheduled expiration.
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Security Translation
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You ll probably think of more ways to use snapshots as you gain experience working with them.
Windows Remote Management Windows Event Collector
Notice that the c:\SessionData directory shouldn t be accessible from the outside world, for obvious security reasons, so it isn t under the Inetpub\wwwroot directory tree. Moreover, this directory will be accessed by the ASP.NET process, so it must be located on a non-NTFS partition or it must have been configured to allow access to the account that ASP.NET runs under. By default, this account is the Network Service account (on Windows Server 2003 when Internet Information Services is running in IIS 6 isolation mode) or the ASPNET account (in all other cases). Next, create a simple test page that increments a session variable:
Value 2002
m ult iple inst allat ions of SQL Ser ver, such as by st at e in t he Unit ed St at es or by count ry. How ev er , because of it s size, using a uniqueident ifier can slow an applicat ion and consum e st orage dispr oport ionat ely. The sever it y of t his uniqueident ifier w eak ness escalat es wit h t he num ber of rows in a t able. Consider using an int ( or ev en a bigint ) colum n w it h an I DENTI TY propert y along wit h a second colum n t o denot e place. This alt ernat iv e approach t o uniquely ident ify ing records at m ult iple locat ions can m ake an applicat ion r un fast er and consum e less st orage. Also, t he uniqueident ifier doesn t w or k well for t he full range of SQL Ser ver funct ions; see t he uniqueident ifier and Using uniqueident ifier Dat a t opics in Books Online for m ore det ail. A sql_var iant dat a t ype specificat ion enables a colum n in a t able t o accept a m ix ed collect ion of dat a values based on any ot her syst em dat a t ype ex cept t ext , nt ext , t im est am p, im age, and sql_var iant . All ot her syst em dat a t ypes requir e t he values in a colum n t o be of one dat a t ype. You can t ent er charact er dat a int o a colum n wit h an int dat a t ype. Wit h a sql_var iant dat a t ype specificat ion, a single colum n can cont ain char, int , and dat et im e dat a values all in a single colum n. The sql_var iant dat a t ype nam e der iv es it s nam e because of it s sim ilarit y t o t he Visual Basic Var iant dat a t ype. The m ix ed dat a t ype values in a sql_var iant colum n can cause it s values t o behave different ly w hen you re com par ing sql_v ariant values w it h values of anot her dat a t ype or w hen y ou r e sort ing a t able by t he values in a sql_var iant colum n. See t he Using sql_v ariant Dat a t opic in Books Online for m or e det ails on t his t opic. 'DWD 7\SH 1DPH 'DWD 7\SH 'HVFULSWLRQ t im est am p The t im est am p dat a t ype has a binary ( 8) dat a form at unless you m ake it nullable. A nullable t im est am p dat a t ype has a varbinary ( 8) dat a form at . SQL Serv er aut om at ically generat es t im est am p values; your applicat ion or your users hav e no need t o populat e a t im est am p colum n. Pr im arily for m odeling at t ribut es t hat can hav e one of t w o st at es. Howev er, t he dat a t ype also does perm it NULL v alues. SQL Ser ver opt im izes st orage of bit dat a t ype values so t hat t he first 8 t ake up t o 1 byt e, t he next 8 a second byt e, and so on.
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