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<x:SimpleGaugeBar id="GaugeBar1" runat="server" Width="500px" Height="15px" FormatString="<b>{0}</b> out of <b>{1}</b>" Segments="10" Value="65"> </x:SimpleGaugeBar>
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Logging On to a Stand-Alone Windows XP Professional Computer Windows XP Professional is generally used in a networked environment, but you do not have to be connected to a network domain to run it. For example, you might have Windows XP Professional installed on a laptop computer that you use both at the office and at home; or you might travel with your Windows XP Professional computer, work offline, and connect to your network over a remote connection. When you log on to a Windows XP Professional computer that has been, but is no longer, connected to a network domain, you log on in the ordinary manner, and your user information is validated against information that was stored on the computer the last time you logged on to the domain. If your Windows XP Professional computer is not currently configured to work on a network, the process of logging on is identical to that of Windows XP Home Edition. Valid user accounts are displayed on a central logon screen, and the Fast User Switching option is available and turned on by default.
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Part III: Designing Sites and Pages with a Browser
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Supporting Foreign Language Translation
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The source argument references the HTML tag that represents the validator control usually, a <span> tag. The arguments parameter references an object with two properties, IsValid and Value. The Value property is the value stored in the input control to be validated. The IsValid property must be set to false or true according to the result of the validation. The CustomValidator control is not associated in all cases with a single input control in the current naming container. For this type of validator, setting the ControlToValidate property is not mandatory. For example, if the control has to validate the contents of multiple input fields, you simply do not set the ControlToValidate property and the arguments.Value variable evaluates to the empty string. In this case, you write the validation logic so that any needed values are dynamically retrieved. With client-side script code, this can be done by accessing the members of the document s form, as shown in the following code:
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When you create domains and OUs, you ll often want to be able to delegate control over them to specific individuals. This is useful if you want to give someone limited administrative privileges for a domain or OU. Before you delegate administration, you should carefully plan the permissions to grant. Ideally, you want to delegate the permissions that will allow a user to perform necessary tasks, while preventing your delegate from performing tasks he or she should not. Often, figuring out the tasks that a user with limited administrative permissions should be able to perform requires talking to the department or office manager or the individual.
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4 HTTP Handlers, Modules, and Routing
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SQL Server 2008 also supports disabling lock escalation using trace ags. Note that these trace ags affect lock escalation on all tables in all databases in a SQL Server instance.
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Mar 2011
Add the Rows, Columns, and Deck properties 1. Edit the Memory class code by right-clicking in the designer and clicking View Code on the shortcut menu. 2. Add the following code to the Memory class for the Rows property. When the number of rows or columns changes, the control needs to be redrawn. The call to Refresh will redraw the control. The initial value is 2, which is more reasonable than the usual 0. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 17. 18. // Visual C# 19. private int m_rows = 2; 20. [Category("Game")] 21. [Description("Number of rows in the grid.")] 22. public int Rows { 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. } } get { return m_rows; } set { if (value > 0) { m_rows = value; this.Refresh(); Visual Basic Private m_rows As Integer = 2 <Category("Game"), Description("Number of rows in the grid.")> _ Public Property Rows() As Integer Get Return m_rows End Get Set(ByVal Value As Integer) If Value > 0 Then m_rows = Value Me.Refresh() End If End Set
When SQL Server tries to determine whether a requested lock can be granted, it checks the sys.dm_tran_locks view to determine whether a matching lock with a con icting lock mode already exists. It compares locks by looking at the database ID (resource_database_ID), the values in the resource_description and resource_associated_entity_id columns, and the type of resource locked. SQL Server knows nothing about the meaning of the resource description. It simply compares the strings identifying the lock resources to look for a match. If it nds a match with a request_status value of GRANT, it knows the resource is already locked; it then uses the lock compatibility matrix to determine whether the current lock is compatible with the one being requested. Table 10-5 shows many of the possible lock resources that are displayed in the rst column of the sys.dm_tran_locks view and the information in the resource_description column, which is used to de ne the actual resource locked.
Part 2: Windows Server 2003 Installation
Table of Contents 20
You can use this zooming ability to create a game. Rather than starting with a picture and then zooming in on it, you could start with a zoomed image and slowly pull back (zoom out) to reveal more and more of the picture. The first person to correctly identify the picture wins the game. This game is quite fun, particularly if the images are ones that are familiar to the players.
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Inside Out
FIGURE 7-4 The operating system le structure after creating a table with two lestream data columns
Deploying a Web Server certificate to a single Web server
SQL Server assumes you re not maintaining a sequence of log backups if any of the following is true:
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