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The Load ev ent for For m 7 handles set t ing up for t he updat e, insert , and delet e t asks described in t he discussions of Figures 10- 16 and 10- 17. The m aj or set up issue for form s enabling dat a m anipulat ion t ask s is t o specify Updat eCom m and, I nsert Com m and, and Delet eCom m and pr opert ies for t he Dat aAdapt er t hat populat es t he dat a set behind t he form . The Updat eCom m and pr opert y enables updat e t asks. The I nser t Com m and pr opert y per m it s t he insert ion of new r ows int o a SQL Serv er dat a source. The Delet eCom m and propert y facilit at es t he rem oval of r ows from a SQL Ser ver dat a source. As usual, t he sam ple code places t he set up code for t he Dat aAdapt er and dat a set in a pr ocedur e nam ed Populat e t hat t he form Load ev ent procedure calls. I ll st art by rev iewing t he Populat e procedur e, and I ll follow t hat wit h a r ev iew of t he form Load event procedur e. Because t he sam ple uses t he Dat aAdapt er and dat a set in m or e t han one procedur e behind For m 7, t he sam ple code declares t he r efer ences for t hese obj ect s at t he m odule level. Aft er t hese declarat ions, t he Populat e pr ocedur e inst ant iat es Connect ion ( cnn1) and Dat aAdapt er ( dap1) obj ect s in t he norm al way . The cnn1 obj ect designat es a connect ion t o t he Nort hw ind dat abase on t he local SQL Server inst ance. The SQL st ring t hat is t he argum ent for t he dap1 SqlDat aAdapt er r eference specifies t he SQL Server source used t o populat e t he dat a set . Because ADO.NET enables updat es, insert s, and delet es t hr ough t he Dat aAdapt er, t he SQL st ring is especially im por t ant w hen you ar e perform ing dat a m anipulat ion t asks. All dat a m anipulat ion t asks operat e on t he source specified when y ou inst ant iat e t he Dat aAdapt er . You can opt ionally cr eat e a Com m and obj ect wit h it s own SQL st ring and t hen set t he Select Com m and propert y of t he Dat aAdapt er t o t he Com m and obj ect . Eit her t echnique achiev es t he sam e result of specify ing a source for t he dat a m anipulat ion t asks t hr ough a Dat aAdapt er obj ect . Aft er designat ing a dat a source for t he Dat aAdapt er, t he Populat e procedur e specifies t he Updat eCom m and propert y for t he dap1 Dat aAdapt er. The Updat eCom m and propert y assignm ent inst ant iat es a new Com m and obj ect and references t he Connect ion obj ect cnn1, inst ant iat ed earlier in t he procedur e. The SQL st r ing for t he Com m and obj ect is a T- SQL UPDATE st at em ent . The synt ax specifies t he Shippers t able as t he t arget . I n t he st at em ent s SET clause, you ll not ice t he @Com panyNam e, @Phone, and @ShipperI D param et ers. These param et ers let t he sam ple applicat ion pass changed v alues from t he dat a set t hat t he Dat aAdapt er fills t o t he Shippers t able in t he Nort hw ind dat abase.
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@p12 AnsiStringFixedLength (Original state)
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These statements display a message box asking the user to con rm whether to quit the application. The message box will contain Yes and No buttons and a question mark icon. The nal parameter, MessageBoxResult.No, indicates the default button if the user simply presses the Enter key it is safer to assume that the user does not want to exit the application than to risk accidentally losing the details that the user has just typed. When the user clicks either button, the message box will close and the button clicked will be returned as the value of the method (as a MessageBoxResult an enumeration identifying which button was clicked). If the user clicks No, the second statement will set the Cancel property of the CancelEventArgs parameter (e) to true, preventing the form from closing. 5. On the Debug menu, click Start Without Debugging to run the application. 6. Try to close the form. In the message box that appears, click No. The form should continue running. 7. Try to close the form again. This time, in the message box, click Yes. The form closes, and the application nishes. You have now seen how to use the essential features of WPF to build a functional user interface. WPF contains many more features than we have space to go into here, especially concerning some of its really cool capabilities for handling two-dimensional and threedimensional graphics and animation. If you want to learn more about WPF, you can consult a book such as Applications = Code + Markup: A Guide to the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation, by Charles Petzold (Microsoft Press, 2006). If you want to continue to the next chapter Keep Visual Studio 2008 running, and turn to 23. If you want to exit Visual Studio 2008 now On the File menu, click Exit. If you see a Save dialog box, click Yes (if you are using Visual Studio 2008) or Save (if you are using Visual C# 2008 Express Edition) and save the project.
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Using Advanced Web Part Features Several facts about Web Part connections may not be obvious from the procedure just above, but are nevertheless worth noting.
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Using a SELECT st at em ent t hat j oins par ent and child t ables dem onst r at es anot her dist inct ion bet w een t he RAW and AUTO m ode argum ent s. Consider t he follow ing SELECT st at em ent . I t j oins t he Order s t able t o t he Shippers t able by
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For Each prop In instProps Dim name As String = prop.Name Dim val As Object = prop.Value Console.Out.WriteLine( Name: +prop.Name) If val Is Nothing Then Console.Out.WriteLine( Value: <null> ) Else Console.Out.WriteLine( Value: +val.ToString()) End If Next
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Part III: Designing Sites and Pages with a Browser
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Understanding the C# Language
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Creating and Managing Classes and Objects
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The computer must be running Internet Information Services (IIS) in IIS 6.0 Worker
Production Management
aspnet_regiis.exe /i
8. The Wizards Action page (not shown) gives you the option of configuring distribution, saving a script to configure distribution with SQL statements, or both. If you want to document the distribution configuration, you can save the script, which can be used again, or modified for slightly different configurations. Click Next to proceed. 9. Finally, you will see the Complete The Wizard page, shown in Figure 20-6. This page allows you to indicate whether to continue or cancel the configuration. When you click Finish, the configuration of the distributor begins.
10. In the Action Expression text box, enter the following MDX expression:
G04PS05.eps G04PS06.eps
Here are the specific XML Web Part properties you can modify. All are optional.
Figure 10-2 shows how IPSec policies are comprised of rules, filters, and filter actions.
The sections that follow provide information on Windows Server 2003 Common Criteria roles and how to implement each role.
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