Part II: Establishing a PKI in .NET

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Tip Assigning a new name to a group makes it easier to remember how the group is being used. For example, you could use the field name by which the table detail rows will be grouped. 4 5
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You create subnets and associate them with sites to allow Active Directory to determine the network segments that belong to the site. Any computer with an Internet Protocol (IP) address on a network segment associated with a site is considered to be located in the site. A site can have one or more subnets associated with it. Each subnet, however, can be associated with only one site. You can create a subnet and associate it with a site by completing the following steps:
Part III
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Note Enabling an empty EFS recovery policy is different than implementing no EFS recovery policy. If no EFS recovery policy is implemented, the client computer implements the EFS encryption settings defined in the local security policy.
3 ASP.NET Configuration
Syntax Capacity Count Item(key) Keys Values Add(key, value) Clear Clone Contains(key) ContainsKey(key) ContainsValue(value) CopyTo(array, index) GetByIndex(index) GetKey(index) GetKeyList
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