Preparing a Windows 2000 Active Directory Environment in .NET

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14 Reflection
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Volume List
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Nixon, and then click Assign.
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...(Continuing previous example)... Console.WriteLine(asm.Location) => C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\mscorlib.dll Console.WriteLine(asm.CodeBase) => file:///C:/WINDOWS/Microsoft.NET/Framework/v1.1.4322/mscorlib.dll (The actual location can of course be different on your system.)
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Word scrolls the document and moves the cursor to the selected heading.
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messages to owners of site collections when no activity occurs for certain period. This message asks them to confirm that the site collection is still in use. For example, you could configure these messages to start once a site collection has no activity for ninety days, and repeat them once a week. You could also configure this feature to delete the site collection if a certain number of consecutive messages go unanswered.
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A page containing an AdRotator, a Calendar, and an Xml control
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This dialog box lists reports that convey task status.
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William s resource calendar appears in the Change Working Time dialog box. William has told you that he will not be available to work on Thursday and Friday, August 30 and 31, because he plans to attend a workshop.
the Web When you re finished setting permissions, click OK. To further restrict access to contents of a shared folder on an NTFS volume, set file and folder permissions as outlined in the section entitled Managing File and Folder Permissions earlier in this chapter. Note
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Internals
For more information about using FrontPage to create and design SharePoint pages and sites, refer to Part IV, Creating and Designing Sites Using FrontPage 2003.
Plan Caching and Recompilation
51. get { 52. return this.tablePoints; 53. } 54. } 55. 56. public class PointsDataTable : DataTable, System.Collection s.IEnumerable { 57. internal PointsDataTable() : base("Points") { 58. this.InitClass(); 59. } You ll find the same sort of wrapping of the untyped columns to create typed columns, by using a typed row class. The following code demonstrates how the PointDataTable creates a column just as the untyped DataSet does, but the PointsRow class does the casting to prevent the developer from entering the wrong type for the X column. Visual Basic Public Class PointsRow Inherits DataRow Public Property X As Integer Get Try Return CType(Me(Me.tablePoints.XColumn),Integer) Catch e As InvalidCastException Throw New StrongTypingException( _ "Cannot get value because it is DBNull.", e) End Try End Get Set Me(Me.tablePoints.XColumn) = value End Set End Property End Class // Visual C# public class PointsRow : DataRow { public int X { get { try { return ((int)(this[this.tablePoints.XColumn])); } catch (InvalidCastException e) { throw new StrongTypingException( "Cannot get value because it is DBNull.", e); } } set { this[this.tablePoints.XColumn] = value; } } You can see similar constructs throughout the DataSet1 class source file. Creating a typed DataSet makes the compiler do some of the work of the developer by checking data types at compile time, to prevent exceptions being thrown at run time.
Standby systems
FIGURE 4-2 Comparing LSNs to decide whether to process the log entry during recovery
This is not the correct value to use for the AggregateFunction property of this measure, but you use it here to compare its behavior with ByAccount, which you ll use in the next procedure.
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