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The Share tab of the OneNote ribbon. See Also For information about multiuser notebooks, see Creating a Notebook for Use by Multiple People in 19, Create and Configure Notebooks. Draw This tab includes commands for inserting and manipulating handwritten
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Part IV: Creating and Designing Sites Using FrontPage 2003
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To quickly check the current settings of a Report Server instance, you can incorporate the Reporting Services WMI classes in a custom application. For example, you might create a console application to iterate through a list of properties and then write a property name and its value to the console window. You can also update some properties using a custom application. Instead of opening the configuration file to change the value of a property, such as DatabaseQueryTimeout which puts a limit on the time that Report Server can attempt to query the ReportServer database you can programmatically update this value using a custom application. A custom application to query Report Server settings provides you with a convenient tool to look up the current values instead of opening configuration files individually. To access this information, you must have system administrator privileges on the computer hosting Report Server. If you need to change database-related information, such as database credentials for the ReportServer database or change the name of that database, you must have database administrator privileges. You can use a custom application to find out information in the following areas:
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As you can see, the connection string refers to an instance of SQL Server named SQLEXPRESS and attaches to the aspnetdb.mdf database located in the application s data directory the App_Data folder.
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82. End Sub
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4. In the Resource Name column, click the name of resource 3, Copyeditors.
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a possible performance hit, this situation configures a potential security risk in a hosted environment. By restricting the size of site maps for a Web site, you better protect your site against denial-of-service attacks.
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Every SharePoint server makes use of at least two databases. These databases serve quite different purposes.
To determine or validate an application s behavior when it is pushed beyond normal or peak load conditions.
Preload your button images Preloading button images ensures that changes to a button s appearance occur smoothly. If you don t preload images, the browser retrieves hovered and pressed images only when it first needs them, and this may incur a time delay. Preloading is usually the best choice, but it does have a drawback: The browser has to download all the button images even if it never displays them.
USMT 3.0.1 is included on the companion CD in the Software\USMT folder. You can also download USMT 3.0 from the Microsoft Download Center. To locate the USMT 3.0.1 download page, go to and search for USMT.
5. Scroll the Gantt Chart view vertically until task 44, Send to color house, is visible,
(In the client application.) Dim attrs() As Object = {New System.Runtime.Remoting.Activation.UrlAttribute( _ tcp://localhost:50000/Calculator )} Dim calc As Calculator = DirectCast(Activator.CreateInstance( _ GetType(Calculator), Nothing, attrs), Calculator)
Windows Vista is installed only by means of new Windows images stored in WIM files. WIM files include one or more file-based images, which, unlike sector-based images, represent collections of files on a given volume. Windows PE is a bootable 32-bit environment that can run off of a CD-ROM and that replaces MS-DOS disks. ImageX is a new command-line tool used to capture and apply Windows images. Windows SIM is a new tool used to simplify the creation of answer files used with Windows Vista Setup. Pre-existing tools that have been upgraded for use with Windows Vista include Sysprep, the User State Migration Tool (USMT), and Windows Deployment Services (an update of RIS).
Examine the output of the sys.dm_exec_query_stats DMV to see which cached querie plans are generating the most I/O. Use the execution_count column in combination with the following columns to analyze the I/O operations being performed by these queries and the most expensive queries :
INSERT UPDATE DELETE INSERT UPDATE Load balancing application server DELETE
Schema securable scope
How to Manage Report Server by Using WMI Classes
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