4: Preparing an Active Directory Environment in .NET

Add QR Code in .NET 4: Preparing an Active Directory Environment

If the data source you re using for the current report is not using stored credentials, you will get the following error message when you click Apply: Credentials used to run this report are not stored. You must change the data source to use stored credentials before you try to assign a snapshot schedule to the report.
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Close the image window to return to OneNote. In the Page Tabs area, click the Handwritten Notes page tab. On the Draw tab, in the Tools group, click the Blue Pen (.05 mm) button. Point to the notebook page. The pointer shape changes from an arrow to a blue dot.
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In Solution Explorer, right-click the Reports folder, point to Add, and then click Add New Item.
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As a rule, your application creates and manages only one DataSet object at a time because you can create relationships between tables only if they belong to the same DataSet. In some circumstances, however, working with multiple DataSet objects can be convenient for example, when you want to render as XML only some of the DataTable objects you re working with or when you want to create a clone of the main DataSet at a given moment in time so that you can restore it later.
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Help beautify our city by participating in the annual cleanup of Log Park, Swamp Creek Park, and Linkwood Park. This is a lot of fun! Volunteers receive a free T-shirt and barbeque lunch. Bring your own gardening tools and gloves. Notice that you did not need to press Enter when the cursor reached the right margin because the text automatically continued on the next line.
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The Current static property is the current cursor used for the mouse at the screen level. You can set this property by using one of the standard cursors exposed by the Cursors type, as in this code:
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A module is a block of XML code that specifies all the files associated with a definition and the location of those files in the new site. In the case of a Web Part Page, for example, the module definition specifies not only the Web Part Page file, but also the specific Web Parts, List Views, and files to include on the page.
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17. True sort of. Because you re making the value of layer 1 bigger each time and it starts at 4, the condition (layer > 0) is always true, so you would expect the loop to repeat forever. But this is not quite the case, given what you know about variable types. If layer were a byte, you know that the range of a byte is from 0 to 255. This means that once the value of layer reached 255, it would wrap around to 0, and the loop would stop. Note that this kind of mistake would result in the program acting strangely and would be hard to uncover. 18. True. They can. This is where the idea of a color as a paint can or colored light breaks down. You d be happy drawing red text on the screen by using the red color. However, you can also use red text through which the background can be seen by using a red color value with a transparency value. Furthermore, because you know that you can draw images in a particular color, this means that you can draw transparent images by drawing them with a transparent color.
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Following is a list of company personnel interviewed and their statements:
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5. What name constraints are required in the Policy.inf to limit permitted certificates to the single certificate issued to the software development manager
The first part of this chapter demonstrated how database definitions are deployed to a server as part of a code promotion process . The second part of the chapter will look at how existing databases can be migrated across different server environments .
Can be Converted to Global
Performance-Testing Objectives
Once you have created the partition function and partition scheme, creating the partitioned table is the easy part. The following examples show how to create the two partitioned tables used in the previous examples. You will notice that even though the partition functions and partition schemes are different in the two examples, the CREATE TABLE statements are identical; only the names have changed:
You can see the name of the running thread as well as other information such as the application name and the stack frame by activating the Debug Location toolbar inside Visual Studio .NET. This data is especially useful when you want to determine where a thread is executing when you hit a breakpoint. You can display this toolbar by right-click ing on any toolbar and clicking Debug Location on the shortcut menu. (See Figure 12-2.) The Thread window in Visual Studio .NET lets you list all the running threads, their sta tus, and their priority. You activate this window by pointing to Windows on the Debug
Building Your First Report
Because of its location in the list, the new group will appear at the left end of the Home tab.
Retrieve all employees whose first name is Joe. Dim drows() as DataRow = dtEmp.Select( FirstName = Joe )
The Cache class inherits from Object and implements the IEnumerable interface. It is a wrapper around an internal class that acts as the true container of the stored data. The real class used to implement the ASP.NET cache varies depending on the number of affinitized CPUs. If only one CPU is available, the class is CacheSingle; otherwise, it is CacheMultiple. In both cases, items are stored in a hashtable and there will be a distinct hashtable for each CPU. It turns out that CacheMultiple manages an array of hashtables. Figure 18-1 illustrates the architecture of the Cache object.
Occurs before the request is prepared for sending Occurs before the request is sent Occurs when the response has been acquired but before any content on the page is updated Occurs after all content on the page is refreshed as a result of an asynchronous postback Occurs after an asynchronous postback is finished and control has been returned to the browser
Enum blocks can appear anywhere in a source file: inside a module, class, or structure block or directly at the namespace level.
Deploying Windows Vista with SMS requires that you have a high-speed, persistent connection between the servers and target computers used in the deployment process. Such a connection is necessary because of the size of the images SMS distributes to the target computers (500 MB 4 GB). In addition, you will also need the following software:
Most templated ASP.NET controls provide optional header and footer templates along with a repeated and data-bound item template. Header and footer templates are instantiated only once each, at the beginning and end, respectively, of the data binding loop. You can hide the header and footer, but most controls implicitly force you to think about the layout in terms of three components placed vertically: the header, body, and footer. In this regard, the ListView control is different. It has no header or footer template, and it features just one template for the structure of the resulting markup: the layout template. If you need a header or a footer, you can easily place them in the layout. But if you need to develop the layout horizontally or in a tiled manner, the ListView approach makes it easier. Up until ASP.NET 3.5, the layout template was mandatory in any ListView control. This is no longer the case, however, with ASP.NET 4. You can use the layout template as follows:
154 Reference Architecture for Commerce
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