Note You can also view the signing certificate by clicking the More Info button in the dialog box. in .NET

Develop QRCode in .NET Note You can also view the signing certificate by clicking the More Info button in the dialog box.

Planning for Windows Server 2003
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Managing Database Snapshots
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Figure 3-3
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Click the Change Location button, click Adventure Works Bikes in the folder hierarchy, and then click the OK button so that your screen now looks like this:
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Once you ve set up the component correctly, you can get a notification when something happens. You can achieve this by writing event handlers or using the WaitForChanged method.
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Understanding Roles
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...(other properties and methods as in Person class) ... pdf417
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Abbrev. Title
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The first dialog box you ll add is an About box, which exists in most Windows applications. This dialog box essentially contains the same information as the splash screen, but sometimes contains more legal, system, and version information. You ll also prepare the application for a transformation into a more feature-rich Internet browser.
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Configuring and Troubleshooting Wireless Networking
Open the file for reading. fs2 = New FileStream( c:\encrypted.dat", FileMode.Open) Create the CryptoStream that can read from that file. cs2 = New CryptoStream(fs2, encr2.CreateDecryptor(), CryptoStreamMode.Read) Read and decrypt the contents of the file. ReDim data2(CInt(fs2.Length) - 1) cs2.Read(data2, 0, data2.Length) Finally If Not cs2 Is Nothing Then cs2.Close() This also closes the underlying FileStream. ElseIf Not fs2 Is Nothing Then fs2.Close() End If End Try
IIS Application Mappings for aspnet_isapi.dl
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should have the same type of for statement with your line of code embedded in it.
Merge cells
Many resources in the real world can be either read from or written to. Often these resources allow either multiple read operations or a single write operation running in a given moment. For example, multiple clients can read a data file or a database table, but if the file or the table is being written to, no other read or write operation can occur on that resource. You can create a lock that implements single-writer, multiple-reader semantics by using a ReaderWriterLock object. Using this object is straightforward. All the threads intending to use the resource should share the same instance of the ReaderWriterLock class. Before attempting an operation on the resource, a thread should call either the AcquireReaderLock or the AcquireWrit erLock method, depending on the operation to be performed. These methods block the current thread until the lock of the requested type can be acquired. (For example, until no other thread is holding the lock if you requested a writer lock.) Finally, the thread should call the ReleaseReaderLock or ReleaseWriterLock method when the read or write operation on the resource has been completed. The following code example creates 10 threads that perform either a read or a write operation on a shared resource (relevant statements are in boldface):
3. On the Format tab, in the Format group, click Box Styles.
If the Authenticate method returns True, you usually call the RedirectFromLoginPage method, passing the user name and a Boolean that specifies whether the authentica tion cookie is persistent. In the demo program, the user decides whether the cookie is persistent by selecting a CheckBox control, so the preceding code simply passes the Checked property of this control in the second argument to the method. A persistent cookie is valid for 50 years, so the user will be automatically authenticated whenever she visits the same site again from the same computer. Notice that modern browsers keep a separate list of cookies for each Windows user, in which case the authentication cookie isn t found if the user logs in to the operating system under a dif ferent identity. The user name you pass to the RedirectFromLoginPage method is then used to perform URL authorization against the resource being requested. If the requested resource is denied to the authenticated user, the RedirectFromLoginPage method works partially:
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